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General Discussion / IHG Anniversary night
« on: January 24, 2017, 11:30:47 PM »
I apologize if this has been discussed (please refer me if it has), and this surely is a beginners question:
I got the IHG card and now have an anniversary night available, it tells me booking from Jan. 25 - Feb. 3, what does this window mean? Do I need to book in this time frame? Stay in this time frame? This time is irrelevant?
Also how do anniversary nights work in general? What are the limitations on them if at all? (I have a Hilton anniversary night coming up from the HHonors Reserve)
Thank you for any info.

Goods For Sale/Trade / Quiet Comfort 35 $275
« on: December 05, 2016, 10:38:51 AM »
I used these about 5 times, they are in like new condition in all original packaging with warranty and original receipt from Best Buy.
Will sell for price listed including shipping within the US.

Used the headphones maybe 5 times in perfect condition with box and receipt etc.
Would like to trade for a Galaxy, HTC, Google or whatever phone PM with offer.

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