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Up In The Air / Re: Infant Travel
« on: March 08, 2017, 06:57:02 PM »
I just booked aa 71 mad to dfw. They won't assign me a bassinet seat bec. economy extra costs extra. any ideas?

I called all airlines involved, they all told me to call the other ones. I did get united and air canada to put a note in my file about the mix-up. In Tel aviv when we were checking in they told me it was a problem. We told them that we had asked them to change it but were told they couldn't but we were told it was fine (we were)  they called over a supervisor who said it's a problem nothing to do about it the system won't let them etc. and our only chance of getting on the plane is to call ANA and get them to switch it before they closed checkin (half an hour). Then we protested again and mentioned that we had a note in our file about it. They checked it up and suddenly there WAS something they could do about it :)
our other flights were fine although we could not check in online or do automated check in at the airports (but hey, united didn't even weigh our bags in lax so alls well that ends well

Ana said they could cancel and rebook my tickets free of charge. However the ua sfo-tlv leg is no longer available. When I cancel, will my cancelled awards turn into available award space?

Your question should be "is the name order checked by computer or human" if the later is true you can mix them up as well.
According to the. It so nice or helpful ac call centre rep they won't let me on as a matter of policy even if checked by person. The question is is the airport staff or tsa as obnoxious

I recently booked a ana award with ac and ua  tlv-yyz-lax-sfo-tlv. SOmehow my wife's first and last name got mixed up on her ticket (doe Jane). Is this a problem? none of the airlines seem to be able to fix it although only AC seems to think it is an issue.

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