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{Tznius Disclaimer}Affordable Private Island|NoaNoa Island, Palawan, Philippines Hey guys,
I wanted to do a trip report for a few reasons:

  • Planning a trip to Palawan was time intensive (it's not as easy destination to get to and there are not a lot of trip reports outside of El Nido).
  • Palawan has been rated the best island in the world by Travel & Leisure and Condé Nast. It has been on our radar for the last year or two.
  • Visiting a private island is a completely different experience than your typical resort or chain hotel.
  • All but the last day we were the only guests on the island. It was extremely peaceful and romantic.
  • The island was featured on VH1's Dating Naked. Hopefully we'll drop in some of the more interesting stories we've heard about the filming.

YouTube videos (sorry if you aren't into the music)(Mod: tznius disclosure for videos):

I'll break it into a few parts:

  • Manila (Arriving, Hyatt City of Dreams, departing)
  • Traveling to NoaNoa Island
  • NoaNoa Island
Destination: NoaNoa Private Island Estate


  • San Diego - Manila (SAN-SFO-SIN-MNL w/ Singapore Airlines in F)
  • Explored Cebu (not covered in this report)
  • 1 night at the Hyatt City of Dreams in Manila
  • Flight to El Nido
  • 1 hour van to the port town of TayTay
  • 45 minute speedboat ride to NoaNoa Island
Hyatt City of Dreams Manila
Price: 8,000 points
From terminal 3 at NAIA we took an Uber to skip the 1 hour taxi que.
The Uber took ~15 minutes to arrive as it had to fight through the thick traffic.
At 6pm the 4.5 mile trip took 57 minutes, the car was a Hyundai Accent, and the total cost was 256 php ($5.50).
I was able to use the airport wifi to request the Uber, but later I picked up a sim card with Globe.

Checking each car for bombs and what not.

At the entrance of the hotel all guests and casino visitors must pass through at metal detector and all luggage is scanned through an x-ray machine.

We were brought up to the club lounge to check-in. They made an odd request to take our photo for their records.
I have to say the whole time I was referred to by Mr. Hartley, even by employees I had never met. They were very polite.
The club lounge is full of working girls. I mentioned this to the check-in agent in the lounge and he did his best to avoid the topic.

Club Level Room

Diamond welcome amenity (w/ the 1,000 points), letter, and birthday cake!

This Hyatt will give other hotels in Asia some competition for the largest buffet.
It's massive! What you'd expect from a casino and complimentary for Diamonds.
Check out the YouTube video later in this post for some footage.

Visiting the casino. Security ran over, NO PHOTO!
It's not a bad place to waste 30 mins of your day.

Uber Black Car/SUV (Mitsubishi Montero)
Price: 431 php ($9)
The 30 minute trip (4.75 miles) to the private hanger at the international airport.
As of March 15th the flights to El Nido now depart out of Terminal 4.

Yes that's a dog standing on the back of a motorcycle with it's own tiny helmet.

March 15, 2017, 10:30:31 PM