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There's a coupon on the page to save $1.50 brings the price down to $10.48

Flight are with Royal Jordanian airline.

Washing machine​, dryer, air conditioner, oven x2. Used on refrigerator and dryer

I have had good experiences with service contracts. And I was even able to choose the service co.pany I wanted if that company worked with them. I called the service company first and they told me I need to schedule it with the warranty service. once it was scheduled with the warranty company and I chose​ the service company that I wanted I called them back to work directly with them. I was very satisfied with the way things worked out.
The only thing to keep in mind is that I bought service contracts  on 5 devices and only used it on 2 of them so the savings aren't that much  if any....

In the past I've has an issue where no one wanted to change fist name typo, I then called in to add my frequent flyer number ( without mentioning the name error) they told me the names dont match exactly,  so they updated the ticket to match frequent flyer.

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In point #7 "in any" change to "if any"

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