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I never had any issues flying United, either, and I'm sure that none of us here had, either. Seems like someone wants publicity and doesn't care about side effects.
I have traveled with united to tlv. We were trying to make a minyan midflight. We asked permsission to daven in the back and were given the ok. In middle there was turbulance and we were asked to be seated. We did so immediately. After a while when it subsided we returned to the back only to be told rudely by one of the FA's that "the captain did not turn off the seat belt sign". Even though everything was calm.  At that point another FA picked up the phone to ask the captain to shut off the sign, which he did. The second FA gave us the thumbs up sign and we resumed to daven.
So yes  1st FA was making it very obvious that he's trying to be ride to us while the second one was helpful.

Just Shmooze / Re: TPG Master Thread
« on: March 24, 2019, 04:42:17 PM »
He makes his money by spending 8 figures a year on advertising and getting n00bs, not from credibility.
But then again
From the wsj article
"Banks spent an estimated $4.5 million in banner, display and video advertisements on TPG in the fourth quarter of 2018,"

That's just in one quarter. So basically he more than makes up his advertising costs from banner ads. That's before commissions

Any good home automation system that people use? There would be no need to reset clocks

Correct, but op also indicated that he only wants to open 1 card.
We're trying to figure out how he can get the biggest SUB, and get the most points for spend.
80k sub  for ink preferred and use that card for all smaller spend
1.5  for all spend above 5k on amex plat.
The other choice would be to sign up for an ink unlimited, but only get a 50k SUB.
Are there any buss cards that give 2 ppd or 2% on all spend?


My other cards are currently: Ink Bold, Amex Plat, Amex SPG (business and personal), Saphire Preferred and JP Morgan Reserve.

Well I'd have to go with the ink unlimited which the sign up is 50,000 (as opposed to the preferred which is 80,000) but you'll make it back in the spending very quickly

With a spend of 250k, I assume there will be many purchases above 5k, so may be worthwhile going for the higher sub, and using the amex plat for purchases above 5k

You can put a price on saving the environment?
To answer your question:
Reminds me of the .5 liter water bottles.
Printed on the bottles
"In order to save the environment we are using smaller caps"
After that there is a warning printed
 "Warning cap is small and may pose a choking hazard"

Credit Cards / Re: Chase Ink Employee Cards
« on: March 14, 2019, 12:47:43 PM »
You can write whatever you want for the first / last name of employee. No need for SSN.
Does anyone know if it's possible to add cards to an Ink account without a specific name/SSN attached?  Such as a card for each department in a business that just says "Purchasing Dept" or "Sales Team" rather than an individual's name?  Or do I need to put the manager's name and order a new card every time dept management changes?  Thanks.

Amazon & Walmart Deals / Re: Buy $50 In Amazon GCs Get $15 Credit
« on: March 13, 2019, 09:24:18 AM »
I already have 2 accounts with CCs  I dont want to get shut down from amazon....
Is there any way they can tie together different au's from one business account.
So basically have one business name and for each Amazon account use a different au card. U can use any address, only the billing zip code has to match

Goods For Sale/Trade / Re: Splitting AMEX Plat
« on: March 12, 2019, 09:48:43 PM »
There was a time with amex when you were able to be added without your ss #, seems as of lately in order to be added you need a valid ss on the card and then you can use the card.
 You can create additional AU but the card won't be active until you supply the SS #.
I have added au's without ss#. While activating it asked for an ss# so I couldn't create an online profile but was still able to use the card for purchases.

Goods For Sale/Trade / Re: Splitting AMEX Plat
« on: March 12, 2019, 02:50:54 PM »
Anyone here who was added onto someone's account, are you guys not worried about your credit score? Or hoping the card holder has a good history of payment and ect?
Do au's reports get added to account holder?
And how would the au's record be added to the cardholders account even if we don't supply a SS and address? First and last name alone would pull up a credit report?

On The Road / Re: Car Rental Corporate Codes Roundup
« on: March 06, 2019, 05:44:56 PM »
Anyone know what's the best code I could use to rent a minivan at JFK for 6 days?
If you have a Costco membership try booking through Costco travel. You can get the rates even if not logged in. I find them to be by far the cheapest.

Up In The Air / Re: Are these foods allowed in carry on luggage
« on: February 23, 2019, 10:59:09 PM »
DW flew yesterday and for some reason at EWR TSA told everyone to remove all FOOD from carry on luggage, and place it in the bin. She had some candies that they 'caught' in her handbag, and the wanded each one.

Last time I flew I had the same. All the food had to be removed from handbags and placed in bin

Goods For Sale/Trade / Re: Marriott Certs Sale
« on: February 19, 2019, 05:59:11 PM »
Looking for 1 night cat 1-4 or cat 5

Credit Cards / Re: Largest Dispute & Fraudulent Activity on your card
« on: February 19, 2019, 09:29:50 AM »
And no one checked their receipt while in the store and able to alert the employee?
Did the store not give receipts?
Take away:
Always review receipts while still on the store.
Always demand receipts when they aren't given.
Mistakes always happen -both ways.
If the store didn't give receipts they are at fault for the headaches they caused themselves.
One Black Friday, a seasonal employee at a Lakewood store charged every customer $8701, mistaking the zip code for price. The store owner told me that he had tons of issues after from declined charges. (He was complaining that costumers didnít just come back for a refund instead of getting him into hot water with the cc companies. I canít say I agree with him.)

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