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Time to break out the popcorn...


Their marriage is the 5th result here, but I don't have an account...

You may be able to get FREE access to until the end of September (at least).  Even for those not interested in genealogy, it can provide a few hours of entertainment during the long summer days, looking for where your ancestors were decades ago. 

Many libraries subscribe to the Library Edition of Ancestry, which you can use for free if you're sitting in the library, and now they've made it accessible remotely to anyone with a library card.  You need to first check if your local library has it, and then you'll need to enter the serial number of your library card to use it.

The Library Edition has passenger lists of immigrants, census records until 1940, phone and address directories, military records, school yearbooks,  and more.  The Library Edition does NOT include the ability to post your personal family tree. 

Just Shmooze / Re: Old Yiddish
« on: Yesterday at 10:20:40 PM »
I miss the days when this was all we had to worry about.
There's a thread for that

I don't know anything about this stuff, but a quick google search brought up these records from Mt Carmel Cemetery in Philadelphia which list a Rae Goldstein that passed away Jan 31 1977 and is buried in SEC G LOT 100 GRAVE 3 of that cemetery. Details are a bit off of what you described but maybe...
look at the record two rows down from her, she was buried 50 years before she died. So don't put too much stock in the date.
(OTOH you would think she'd likely be buried with her Husband and he doesn't seem to be there...)

1. how do i get in this whatsapp group
Treat @Dan & @jj1000 to dinner at Reserve Cut

Politics / Re: Ice Age in Texas
« on: Yesterday at 04:40:19 PM »
If that was the message they were trying to push, they did a terrible job. If your takeaway is the 'NG vs renewables' thing instead of 'all production types must be ready for extreme weather', it's probably because you saw the Vox logo, not because the video implied that. I agree that highlighting NG is a little strange, but it had the largest impact because it's the largest share of their energy (even if it fared better percentage wise).

And you're accusing him of strawmanning...

Of course that wasn't the main point/takeaway of the video. Nobody claimed it was. He pointed out how in the course of making their main point --which everyone here agrees on--
This is overall the biggest culprit, the lack of preparation for such cold weather.
they used selectively (dishonestly?) presented data to push a narrative. And I said that it worked on me.

If your takeaway is the 'NG vs renewables' thing instead of 'all production types must be ready for extreme weather'
Not at all. In fact just the opposite. Until I saw his post I thought I had picked up a random factoid that NG was hit harder than renewables. (although, as you said, seeing as it was coming from Vox I should've known better.)

Politics / Re: Ice Age in Texas
« on: Yesterday at 03:18:49 PM »
You're really strawmanning this thing hard.

Someone like me who was not really paying attention and has no clue what happened in Texas drew exactly the conclusion they wanted -that NG was effected by the cold far worse than renewables. Exactly like @avromie7 said.

Tech Talk / Re: Same number , two people
« on: March 03, 2021, 11:37:40 PM »
My far fetched concern is that perhaps he stole a phone from someone and is trying to access this person's accounts after that person cancelled his phone number that was stolen...
this seems to be the most logical thing

Why do both of them neither say "a graphic designer" nor "graphics designers?" (That's grammar, not graphics.)
They're hoping copy editors will also apply.

what about in end of may?
Mostly open but subject to closure. Earliest in the season I was ever there was early June and there were still periodic snow closures.
My first time there was last days of May / First days of June (I don't remember exactly) IIRC there some closures (the beartooth highway was definitely closed) but I did make it to all the major attractions. And the place was completely empty.

Never been there.
is that mean that there is no point going there now?
yeah, pretty much.

(I'm sure it's absolutely amazing now if you have a snowmobile, but I'm not sure exactly the logistics of that. IIRC it's quite difficult/expensive. I think @Something Fishy looked into it a while back.)

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