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The other provinces in China are where I found the most unbelievable stats. Zhejiang had 1 death in over 1250. Real miracles.
or real fake news

Know someone who passed away last night. Wasn't put on a ventilator because he's over 70. Maybe there isn't an actual shortage yet, but they're definitely rationing.
which hospital?

Are you sayig that as a bad thing? This is good for the right
it was a smart bet

What is a Charedi agenda?

BH that the anti Jewish agenda failed!
your right!!!!!!

Indeed. Good riddance. Lapid and Yaalon announced that they are splitting from the current B&W list, but request to maintain the B&W name due to the fact that their factions constitute the majority of MKs out of the B&W list.
So the right wing bloc gained by signing on king bibi

Thats what the right block gets for backing bibi

Not targeted
maybe 20k accounts signed up already

Trip Reports / Re: Live Antarctica Trip Report
« on: March 24, 2020, 07:57:11 PM »
Kinda wish we were there now
being locked up on a cruise now  wldnt be great  like we have seen ..

Try finding a testing site in nyc...

One of the reasons:
If you're positive and past quarantine, you're presumably immuned to the virus, it's priceless.
saw reports of people being reinfected

Had a fever and mild cough as well as travel in past 2 weeks.

The CCF drive though testing is open 11am-7pm and the lines fill up really early in the day, so i went at 930am and was among the first tested. If you go at noon you will wait 7+ hours.

In the garage you go through one station where you call a number to register and confirm that you have doctor's orders.

Then you go to get swabbed and are told to quarantine until you get the results. At the last minute they tell you the swabbing will go deep up into your nose and is very painful, so sit on your hands and stay still. If they told people that right away the lines might be shorter ;D
whats the reason to get tested?

On The Road / Re: Hertz Master Thread
« on: March 24, 2020, 04:06:37 PM »
I'm PC with hertz but never rented from them, I was told that the benefits wont kick in only after my first rental.
Is that true? Is there anyway around it?

It was my first rental  got the benefits

On The Road / Re: Hertz Master Thread
« on: March 24, 2020, 12:11:55 PM »
call up and they prob will work with you if you dispute on cc you will be blacklisted
ok thanx  called PC line  they were very nice taking care of it

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