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I've moved discussion of the ZOW MethodTM to the KSML thread, please continue there.

Continue the topic of LH/Sohar here.

In other news, has nobody gotten this reference ;D?

Farfel suey!

Well, that doesn't sound as bad as SU serving the same (meat) KSML 3 times.

Farfel suey!

Al Taam V'reiach..


But FWIW, I don't think I've heard too many others with the same opinion. I believe the vast majority of people would consider them way higher than a 2...

Well, if Kashrus went down then quality should have probably gone up.  ;) ;D

Lol, this is from before the change. Haven't flown LH since, but will next week.

Not more than than a 2.

Totally disagree. I would rate them an easy 6-8, depending on the particular meal.

Does a rack need to be toiveled if there's no direct contact with the food?

So I thought I'm all set with my POM meals ordered for my upcoming trip to Dubai, and my small travel toaster ready to be packed, when it suddenly hit me that my 110V US toaster isn't going to do too well in the Middle East!

I quickly went to Amazon to order a step-down 220 to 110V converter, only to realize that most of them only work on small electronics, up to 200W, while my toaster takes 1100W. There are converters on Amazon that claim to go up to 2000W and I'd gladly pay for one, but most of them look like sketchy Chinese models with bad Fakespot scores and reviews complaining that they shorted and destroyed the electronics, which would be the end of my kosher food!

If anybody has a recommendation for a tried-and-true heavy-duty converter, I'd be happy to take it. Otherwise, my options are to order a 220V toaster (which also don't have great reviews), or to try to repackage the POM meals for use in a microwave (which I think my hotel will provide me), even though they'll taste much better out of a toaster.

Advice and suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

It takes a huge amount of power to generate heat; any heating appliance will need a monster converter. And if it's a lousy converter, best case it doesn't work, worst case it burns down your hotel.

The easiest answer to all this is probably to just buy a cheap toaster when you land.

Trip Reports / Re: 2 days in Iceland TR
« on: March 27, 2019, 04:15:59 PM »
Methinks customs in Iceland has room to improve.

I'm happy the way it is, thankyouverymuch ;D.

- Random observation - the entire country looks like cookies 'n cream ice cream in the winter.

LOL, very true. Didn't think of it that way.

Most of my photos were taken on a camera that I left in my rental car. If anyone is traveling to Iceland in the near future and can bring it back from Lava car rental, I would greatly appreciate it. PM me for details.

They won't just ship it back to you?

@Something Fishy

Ever heard back from that kashret organization about the new hechsher?

I'm currently waiting on a callback. I'll update once I have more info.

European kashrus politics often makes the nonsense in Israel seem simple.

Best not to make blanket statements until all the proper research is done.

When politics is involved it is nearly impossible to get a real answer. The best I can hope for is for a kashrus professional whom I trust to give me guidance based on his research, and to BYOK as always.

Let us know if you get an update


I just spoke to a large kashrus agency. They were aware of the fact that the old hechsher was removed, but they had no opinion on the current one. They are looking into it and will give me an answer tomorrow.

Trip Reports / Re: Fin Del Mundo - the unofficial DDF Exclusive TR
« on: March 26, 2019, 12:47:12 PM »
Awesome TR, please keep it coming!

AYLOR and BYOK (since you never know what might happen).

My LOR knows less than nothing about the kashrus situation in Frankfurt...

Definitely assur mediarisa

Come again?

So what's the story these days? Reliable or not?

I'm flying our of FRA next week...

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