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Re: Internet Filters
Are Livigent based filters considered to be the gold standard (in terms of non-bypassability and/or in terms of identifying inappropriate content) among internet filters for the frum community?

although livigent does a pretty good job identifying inappropriate content there is still unfortunately lots of things that slip by (especially images - their image filter is a total joke. if it is turned on you wont find a clean picture of an apple (i guess they think apples are inappropriate  ::) ) but you will still see other images that you don't want to see and with it off it wont get in your way but essentially you don't have a filter.

i prefer NetFree (TAG supports it in some offices and you can get it through e-mail or over the phone 562-332-6000)
the only setback is that as of now it only works via VPN (outside Israel where they have several ISP internet providers who provide the service)

NetFree takes a unique approach to the image problem: they check each individual image MANUALLY. although it sounds a bit primitive they have successfully created an extremely efficient system in which image checking usually takes approximately 1-5 seconds. the images are reviewed by non-Jewish staff in places the likes of India, Bangladesh and several other countries around the world to cover 24 hrs 6 days a week.

to date NetFree has reviewed 478,969,382 images.

sites in NetFree are also checked manually. after it is checked and determined to be kosher, it no longer has to be checked again for any user. they also have a text robot to remove offensive language and a customized filter for shopping sites.

i have been using it since its founding around 5 years ago and i still recommend it to all. it is non profit and is just here to help the klal and to make a 100% solution available to all.

In Israel it costs 15 NIS per month (approx. $4\mo) in the US it is 30 NIS (approx. $8\mo) [this is due to the Hi-Speed VPN server costs]

Disclaimer: i do not work for NetFree nor have i received any benefit from them (other than their great product - at full cost like any costumer) i do volunteer for NetFree and i do not and have not received any benefit from NetFree.

More about NetFree
NetFree Homepage
attached: NetFree staff reviewing images (not an illustration) source:

please reply with any questions and i will try to address IYH.

April 28, 2019, 02:21:06 PM
Re: Internet Filters
So, it's basically the same ~$100 a year as the others.
Just wanted to update, NetFree announced about 2 weeks ago that they have just released "Plans" where you get discounts for reducing risk.
Regular Everything kosher is open (after review)30 NIS (appx $8)
Reduced Risk Blocks Addictive websites (including the DansDeals Forum :'( )and foreign opinions and cultures10 NIS (appx $2.75)
Basic Email, File Sharing, Medical, Banking etc. - only basics7 NIS (appx $2)
Gmail Only4 NIS (appx $1.25)

October 12, 2020, 09:46:26 AM