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Are you saying I'm capable of knowing my local phone book? 😂
I think you could know the Manhatten phone book :o

I think he meant that there is a mekor from the gemara for those piyutim, as opposed to most of the rest of selichos(with the obvious exception of 13 attributes)
The "us" is the chasidesin from the Chernobyl strip

Wiki has it all..
To remember them all is like memorising your local phone book

Don't worry, you did well ;)

Sorry I'm not familiar with this kind of words, could you explain?

What's the best way to send money to a child in Israel? I don't want her to worry about large amounts of cash and sending with family and friends puts a burden on them.  Cash advances on credit cards are pricey.  Ditto with wire transfers.  We are looking at amounts totalling about $2000 a month.  Your advice would be appreciated.
the easiest way is to put in the money in a reb meir bal hanes pushka @ home and your son should take it out of a pushka there ;)

Crossposting due to timing.
i should work hard to get that over there

General Discussion / Re: Car Lease Master Thread
« on: March 25, 2019, 07:49:37 AM »
Thank You. But if I'm not mistaken  once you factor in taxes, down payment, fees etc.. it comes out to be more in the $230-250 range I believe..
I pay $192 for the car and the down payment I divided for payments as part of the lease so I pay $245 a month.
But keep in mind that this down payment you have by every car, so let's say the Camry is to begin with around $250 and then if you see down payment is gonna be over$300!

not sure where you are located but in Jerusalem there a yid called "Ezrial Weiss" he cashes checks for about 3% he is in satmer shul - even ha'azel during the morning hours, in brisk yeshiva on grosberg lunchtime and in beis yisrael on even ha'azel at night

General Discussion / Re: Car Lease Master Thread
« on: March 24, 2019, 01:48:55 PM »
Any good deals for a sedan lease currently?
there is the "Hyundai sonata" and the "KIA optima" for very cheap (Between $190 - $200) now and they are both good cars, i have have the Hyundai but i would recommend the KIA because of the interior comfortably
hyundai sonata -
kia optima -

I donít thing everyone says everything at the end of slichos. I pick and chose the ones that I connect with making sure to leave in the aval anachnu... and ashamnu which are the ikar. Not much point in saying all of the aleph beis acrostics just to turn the pages and move my lips. טוב מעט בכוונה.
Not true as it is mekubel by us that this paragraphs with the alef beis is the most important part of the selichos!!

I have the opposite problem of all of you! So stop complaining
you should be happy with that and shouldn't make the other ones feel like fools because of that

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