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It is a little exaggerated but add in snap and other benefits and itís not far off.

Once you start doing that, you need to calculate whatever benefits people could still get with their $30k salary.... and it never ends. I also think they may have added stimulus money to get to the $47k, but didn't calculate that someone making $30k got the stimulus, too. I don't believe it was meant to be super accurate; it was to make a point.

ETA: It's also possible that wood is used a little more in Tampa than it is in Miami.

Very likely. I saw wood up in Jacksonville. Zoning in the tri-county tends to be stricter than other places. It wouldn't surprise me if the standards in Tampa were more builder-specific.

It's not all the way up. It's likely concrete foundation, with block walls for the first floor, then standard wood framing/trusses for roof system and second floor. Concrete/cinder block is worse for insulation, since there's no cavity to fill. There are ways to build to hurricane standards with standard wood framing using a lot of specially engineered hardware, but you'll still likely get hit with higher insurance premiums since that's not standard.

I don't know much about building, but the developments I've watched go up over the last 8 years in South FL all had block all the way to the roof.

6-12' between houses? Whelp.

That's standard down here in many developments built in the last 20 years or so.

Why do they build the foundation all the way up to the second floor? Hurricane/Flooding?

No wood housing. Concrete/cinder block all the way up. Hurricane and insulation purposes, I believe.

I haven't been following this thread, so forgive me if this or something similar has already been posted:

I need a car service that's avlb for the 25th of April to take someone from BUF airport to Toronto(meaning all the way to Bathurst)..

 Prefer one person to cross and take them all the way.

 Or if no other options will do one to cross and then one to take from the border to Toronto.

 If you have any leads please keep me posted.

 Thanks guys.

PM sent.

Not true.

Your info is probably better than mine.

Donít glean anything from that story. He is very much the exception.

Absolutely, not trying to prove a rule at all.

and "been living in Israel" is not the same as "made Aliyah"...

Made Aliya years ago, FWIU.

If he "made aliyah" and was an Israeli citizen, it is hard to believe that they did not let him into the country.

There's a story going around social media about the husband of a popular cookbook author who's been living in Israel for a while getting turned back (with an ishur).

The more rural a state is, the more it will be a factor in how many people were vaccinated.

It's going to be pretty difficult to compare counties, the population alone doesn't give the full picture. If you have 2 counties with 10k people, in one of them 90% of the people live in a 5 mile radius or 10 minute drive while in the other they live spread throughout. You'll have very different results.

It's not going to be perfect, but breaking it down by county gives you a better picture. I don't know how to determine which states are "more rural." I would think Montana and the Dakotas are more rural than most Southern states.

There have been waves in rural areas fwiw. They also usually have less hospital beds etc

Yes, but in terms of getting as many people vaccinated as possible as quickly as possible, the urban areas are more important. Also in terms of spread, I believe that outbreaks in rural areas are more likely to stay localized. On a micro level, their health is obviously important and they need to have access to vaccines like everyone else. IMO at this point in the game, targeting urban areas is more important in the big picture.

Dunno. Is there more granular data available?

If you click on each state, you can get a county breakdown, which would give you a slightly clearer picture. I honestly don't think the very rural areas are important in general, and definitely not at this point in the game.

It is not only supply but the logistics of actual distribution. This is a significant portion of the FL experience with 60 minutes and DeSantis

I understand. I'm just not sure that those states have more issues than others in that regard. I don't know that a larger percentage of their populations are more spread out than other states.

Credit Cards And Finance / Re: Stocks
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Have you ever had a stock you own get hammered due to a secondary offering? How is anything limited? Only when the people that run the company have real skin in the game (not levered to the eyeballs or even a little lower, whereby a dilutive stock offering isn't detrimental to their value (which might be close to insolvency without the offering) is the quantity potentially limited.

That's why I said "somewhat limited." Doge has new offerings 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

(Full disclosure: I have a little Doge, because I believe in the stupidity of people.)

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