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Welcome Hi Everyone!
I couldn't find a Welcome thread, so I figured I'd start one for the benefit of everyone.
I'll start with myself, by saying hello to everyone here.


July 31, 2019, 08:18:37 AM
Vent Rant Can I vent a little bit?
So I signed up for one of these buying groups. I'm getting all these emails with things to buy, and I'm looking at what their paying. And it's NADA!! Nothing!
Absolutely nothing! And many items they even pay below what it even costs you!
Can anyone explain to me why in the world, they would buy anything for these greedy buying group??
And to make matters worse, apparently they are now telling you to buy things with their affiliate link which gives them commissions (5%?) on all your purchases. So basically, they pay you squat for your effort and risk, while they go and make a hefty profit on your purchase! Why can't they sahre a even a little of their commission, beats me!
And then they have the Chutzpah to then go ahead and pay you less than you even paid for the item, on many items, because you can go drive yourself crazy and apply for the Prime card bla bla bla.!

There are items though that they pay you commissions, LOL!! I got an email saying COMMISSIONS COMMISSIONS, so I go quickly go and open it up, because this is what I signed up for, to earn some money on the side. And guess what!?!?!? They are offering the huge commission of 50 cents an item! LOL! Yes, that is correct, you can lay out thousands of dollars, while they get their hefty commission from Amazon, and they give you a whopping 50 cents!! Do they think I'm 5 years old or something? I mean even 5 year old's will barely do anything for 50 cents any more.

Sometimes I scratch myself, as it appears I'm living in an alternate universe.

August 04, 2019, 08:31:14 AM