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Anyone know of any bonus offers still out there for AMEX Business Plat or Business Gold (e.g. 50k for $5k spend)?  The few I could find have all been pulled.

Some people get AMEX MR point bonuses (i.e. gold, platinum, etc.) within days of meeting spend requirement, immediately available to redeem, even if they haven't yet paid the balance or had the first statement cut.   I have certainly experienced that myself.   Others reportedly get their bonus points in a 'pending' state and have to wait for quite awhile, unless they can accelerate through customer service.   Anyone know AMEX's criteria for how they award points one way vs the other?  Is it based on having some prior history in your MR account perhaps?   This might be useful to know for people who want to be in the first category.

I have $350 of AA virtual gift cards (3x$50, 2x$100) and will sell for $275.

Will email you the account #s / pins upon receiving paypal payment.


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