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I have $350 of AA virtual gift cards (3x$50, 2x$100) and will sell for $275.

Will email you the account #s / pins upon receiving paypal payment.


I haven't had any luck with my wife's 25K Premiere Gold card she got just last month.  We attempted two online messages a week apart and got pretty much the exact same response:

"I understand your concern regarding 75,000 bonus points.  I'm afraid, it is not possible to receive 75,000 bonus points on your current Card as you applied through a different promotion.  If a Card has been approved under a particular promotion, it is not possible to change the promotion on that Card account at a later date, etc."

I kinda wonder if what they'll do for you depends on your individual status as a valued customer perhaps.  I just applied for a 25K gold card yesterday and will try it out myself.

Just following up to confirm you didn't see a hard pull for this upgrade?   My wife just got the email today.  Thanks

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