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btw. I swiped and it only would let the charge of 3.95 go thru on cc in walgreens so I guess walgreens is history with vr.......

Same here, every store in my area changed Jan 11.   It even took the store managers by surprise - don't they send out memos anymore  ::)

Credit Cards And Finance / Re: Square is busting my chops...
« on: January 11, 2013, 11:29:14 AM »
your still insulted that 2 weeks ago I proved you wrong when you posted that dan was the first to post about vr to bb. and I proved that wasn't true on ft we knew about it 3 weeks before. do your homework mr helpme

I think instead HelpMe is probably laughing that even after people tried to correct you, you still misunderstood that conversation and 2 weeks later open your mouth again to prove it.

It's not about lazy its all about money right??!! So therefore gas & time is also money. So if he goes for no reason then its a waste of money which he trying to gain. So it's kind of counter-productive!

That also depends on getting reliable information over the phone from someone who probably can't tell the difference between Vanilla products or does not care enough to look hard for you.  The cost of gas and time to be 100% sure might be far less than the cost of missed opportunity due to getting unreliable information over the phone...

Is the card number the same as the account number shown under "Funding source" where it shows the information to give to your employer for direct deposit.

The reason I ask... is because I still have not received my physical card ... just wondering if I can fill up my account with VR without having the physical card?

Definitely won't be the same (not even the same number of digits)

Credit Cards And Finance / Re: Re: Citi TYP's transfer to HH, 1:1.5?
« on: January 06, 2013, 12:57:19 AM »
I'd take $500 cash for 50k TY points but they don't have that deal.

for airlines  FF miles are unbeatable.

Technically you can get a check for $500 for 50k TY points.  It is intended to pay a student loan or mortgage, but you can have it made out to your bank or credit card etc.

Credit Cards And Finance / Re: 2012 - Year in Review ~ CC Edition
« on: January 04, 2013, 12:36:39 PM »
Better than 2011.  :)

Walks softly but carries a very big stick  8) 

i just got going with the reloads as they finally showed up at my local cvs.
so ive been paying bills etc.
if i want to do an atm withdrawal at money pass atm the fee uis $2 and 500 max per day adn 2000 per month?
i read on the bluebird site something about a decline fee being waived what is that exactly?

Actually ATM withdrawals should be $0 fee (you can link bluebird's routing and account number into paypal or your outside bank account for ACH transfer, which Bluebird will count as a 'direct deposit' and waive the $2 fee).

Credit Cards And Finance / Re: New Amex Bonus Terms
« on: January 04, 2013, 10:24:37 AM »
you need to read through all the posts. MY WIFE NEVER RECEIVED any SIGNUP BONUSES FROM AMEX EVER. all she had was one green card with no bonus and no waived first year annual fee.
yet they are attempting(I am fighting it)to not give her a small amount of 25k mr points...

I thought the application terms stated that just having the green card PRODUCT (not a BONUS) makes you ineligible.  Therefore your wife is ineligible.  You can be mad at the rule but why would you expect AMEX to make an exception for you?

Credit Cards And Finance / Re: New Amex Bonus Terms
« on: January 03, 2013, 06:08:43 PM »
In the past 2 months I've made $150 from SBS, won 2 chargebacks within 48 hours, won a return protection claim in 12 hours without having to send anything in, had them overnight me an AU card - they're not rated #1 in customer service for nothing.

Exactly.  Sure maybe the customer service isn't so great for bonus chasers anymore, but what does anyone expect - after years of being too accommodating in this area and then being heavily exploited for it, AMEX reacted.  There are some customers out there who have been so unprofitable to AMEX that they should be glad they aren't banned for eternity.  I hope they think about that next time they complain about a bonus  8)

It has been over 3 weeks, I have not received my permanent Mvd, is someone in the same boat?

I bought a temp on 12/12, received permanent just a few days ago, so it wasn't exactly quick.

I can't imagine what else it could be.  A few months ago, my score was 801.  I applied for 6 cards since August, and my score is now 756.

756 is still a great score but you don't get to keep a near perfect 800+ score by opening that many new revolving accounts in such a short timeframe.  In my opinion the score drop is likely explained by the new accounts and the inquiries plain and simple.  Should be nothing to worry about but you may want to throttle back a bit on applications in the short term.

you should have just taken them and then had them fill it up at cvs, or walgreens

Not sure that would even work as they are actually different - Walgreens VRs have a magnetic strip and are swiped at the register when loading.  OD do not.

anyone have any good ideas when I first started out I mistakenly got 1.5k of gift cards not the vr or mvd . I'm looking for other ways besides for ap to transfer the money . Can I put it on my bluebird ?

Use them to buy VRs.  Have them load 496.05 for a total $500 w/fee, swipe the gift card as credit and toss it in the trash on the way out.

Just thought I'd mention... I was in a CVS in NJ and found 2 VR's left, but did not yet recieve my 2 new CC, so I "hid" them behind some other cards. ;) I'm feeling a little guilty but, a DDFer's gotta do what a DDF'ers goota do! ;D

Just to make sure you can reload a MVD with VR right?

Also, please post your experience w/ cash advance of MVD. Any of the banks making an issue out of it?

Don't feel guilty - I have been to a couple stores where other people have hid VRs, so I always look now ;-)  And then I hide them someplace else!  Yes you can reload MVD with VR.  I did my first CA at the bank yesterday without issue, but I am using the permanent card w/my name on it.

Anyone know of any bonus offers still out there for AMEX Business Plat or Business Gold (e.g. 50k for $5k spend)?  The few I could find have all been pulled.

Mercedes Benz Platinum.

Thanks anyway

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