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Nice. How did you go about arranging shabbos (Doors, heating food etc.)? Plan on being there in Nov
Will talk about it more in the next installment (which I will hopefully finish before the end of the week!)


Originally the plan for Thursday was to go on a snorkel cruise to Molokini crater. But….  we had been running around Maui the past two days (Road to Hana and Western Maui loop) and we really enjoyed our first day of relaxing. As we had plans to have an active day in Kauai on Friday, we decided to just relax by the pool and do some snorkeling off of Wailea Beach.

It’s hard to say no to this view.

I swam/snorkeled from Wailea Beach (on the right) to Ulua Beach (on the left). While there weren't as many turtles as in the afternoon, the visibility was better so I saw plenty of fish.

Here is where the hotel lounge really came through. Our flight was at 5pm to Kauai and check out was 12. They had no problem storing our luggage and keeping our food in the freezer while we hung out by the pool and relaxed. They had towels and showers in the lounge so we could change for our flight.

Before we knew it, it was time to leave and head to Kauai.

Overall, I would highly recommend the Marriott. The staff were extremely accommodating, everything feels new as it was recently renovated and the adult infinity pool is amazing. Also at 13.3k SPG point per night it's a very good deal.

Had an uneventful flight to Kauai and got upgraded to a convertible at Alamo.

Chickens everywhere!

Drove through the tree tunnel to the Grand Hyatt Kauai

There have been many trip reports with the Grand Hyatt Kauai pictures (so I apologize in advance) but here’s a few more.

The open lobby with the ocean window is beautiful

View from the front of hotel from the beach/salt water lagoon area

The hotel is huge covering 55 acers. The pool situation is really nice with an adult upper pool, a lazy river (with waterfalls and hidden caves) and a lower family pool. The lazy river connects the upper and lower level pools. There is also a huge salt water lagoon with a fake beach. The lagoon is so big that you can rent kayaks and paddle around the lagoon!

Salt water lagoon with the ocean in the background

Lazy river

Lower family pool

We got upgraded to the garden suite. We specifically requested the garden suite as it was on the ground floor which would be better for us on shabbos.

While I requested an extra fridge, the fridge they had in the room was large enough to fit 10 pomegranate meals.

We had an early day planned for Friday so we crashed after eating our Pomegranate meals.

The tuna ravioli from Glatt Ala cart. It's on the sushi menu. Thin peices of tuna, wrapped around avacado/gauc so it's almost like a wonton with spicy mayo and crunch. Delicious

In general I feel that Glatt Ala cart is underrated as they have some very solid to excellent dishes. My must orders would be the beef egg rolls, the sweetbreads and the rib eye with Columbian rub on it.


When researching the highlights of Maui, I saw that sunrise at the Haleakala summit was one of the must do’s. The problem is that my wife and I are not exactly morning people (that's an understatement!) Being that sunrise was at 6AM we would have to leave out hotel at 4AM. Further complicated the issue is that there is no real prediction if the weather would cooperate for sunrise. Even if it doesn't rain, if the clouds aren’t perfect, then it turns a spectacular sunrise into an ordinary sunrise. Well I thought, what about sunset? While it's not talked about as much, I did see that people said that sunset is also quite beautiful. So, for Wednesday we decided to end our day with sunset at Haleakala summit.

Now what to do the rest of the day? We wanted to do some watersports and my wife suggested Jet skiing as she had never gone. There is only one Jet skiing place in Maui. They have an interesting setup as you aren’t allowed to Jet ski off the beach. You meet a boat in front of the Hyatt Regency which then takes you to their jet ski “island”. There they have a large area where you can Jet ski and do tricks.

As the meetup was at Ka'anapali beach we decided that we would do the western Maui loop in between Jet skiing and sunset at Haleakala summit.

We left our hotel at around 9:30 as we wanted to stop off at Front street in Lahaina to buy some souvenirs. Front street feels like a seaside town with some cool Hawaiian flair. Nice place to have a quick stop and there is also a giant banyan tree that takes up a whole block

Yes, that’s only one tree

Ten minutes from Lahaina we pulled into the public parking lot next to the Hyatt regency. While we signed up for an hour session, from start to finish it took closer to two hours. You have to take a boat to the “island”, sign in, get some safety/instructions, jet ski and then wait for the boat back. To top it off everything is on Hawaiian time!

That being said, it was fantastic. I've gone jet skiing before, but there was something really amazing about zooming over the waves at 50mph with the Western Maui mountains in the background.

Leaving Ka'anapali beach we drove to our first stop on the western Maui loop. The two-tiered pools. This entails a 10-minute walk through a field, then to a dirt path and finally down some steep rocks and you come to, some pools by the ocean.

There was no one around and while pretty, it seemed like the reward was not worth the effort.

We then left and drove about ten minutes to the blow hole. This was pretty cool as it was erupting every 30 seconds.

After that we drove to the olivine pools. Again, another walk/hike which led to some really steep rocks and finally the pools. Not one person was there and while it looked pretty, again not really worth the effort.

We then drove through the over the top road to complete the loop. Now this is some road!

I took this picture from the plane. At the bottom of the mountain, you can see the over the top road cut into the mountain side.

This felt like the back road to Hana but was completely paved. Was great driving at the edge of the mountain with some insane switchbacks. I would highly recommend driving the over the top road as its both beautiful and adventurous.

After finishing the western Maui loop we stopped off in Walmart for some snacks (you have to bring your own shopping bags!) and started the drive up to Haleakala summit.

The drive up is really nice with some great views. The temperature kept dropping as we went up the mountain. We were prepared and I was wearing 2 sweatshirts and my wife had on a light winter coat. Truth is it was more windy than cold at the summit. We bought ski caps as well but didn't need them.

Finally, we got to the summit.

Sunset was absolutely amazing.

And Gone.

Once the sun set we waited around a bit for it to get really dark. I have never seen that many stars in my entire life. You could even see the milky way! Unfortunately, my camera phone wasn't able to capture it. We then took the long drive back to our hotel.

I think that sunset at Haleakala summit might be an option for some people who might hesitate about sunrise. It was absolutely beautiful, it wasn't crowded at all, it’s not as cold as sunrise, you don't need to make a reservation and most importantly you don't need to wake up at an ungodly hour on vacation.

People seem to love it, haven't been myself.
Food in kasai was ok/good (nothing amazing), but it was definitely fun! go with a bunch of people and get your own table. But is it a not miss? Idk

Trip Reports / Re: Grand Hawaiian Holiday, by PBaruch (August 2017)
« on: September 03, 2017, 12:42:43 PM »
Great TR with great pics!

Wish I would have known that the baked goods at Lapperts  were also under the hasgacha, some of those cookies looked good!

Destination Guides And Trip Planning / Re: Kauai, HI Master Thread
« on: August 29, 2017, 10:46:07 PM »
Anyone stay at GHK for shabbos that can write up tips to shabbos proof/set up room accordingly? tIA

From Dan:

1. Enable VIP mode on A/C unit in both suite bedroom and living room which deactivates the balcony door sensors. To do that:
-While you are holding “display”
-Press “off”, then
-Press “Up” arrow
-Then release “display”
2. Tape sensor located by the front door with a paper towel. Not really sure if this sensor did anything but did it anyway.
3. Tape closet ceiling sensors with paper towel so that the motion light doesn’t go on when you enter.
4. Unplug japanese style toilet warmer/bidet.
5. Put valuables in safe, put on do not disturb sign, and tape the door unlocked so that the electronic key won’t be required for entry.  I place a piece of cardboard over where the lock would normally enter, thus enabling you to open the door at will.  Just deadbolt it at night!

I would also recommend getting a room on the first floor. For some reason I wasn't able to tape the latch shut completely (used duct tape and it still caught somewhat) so being able to step out on to the gardens directly from the room was great.

I had no service at all but gps still worked

Interesting, did you download the maps beforehand?

Not sure why some have issues with Google maps on RTH. Worked perfectly for me all the way around even though I had no service.
It kept going in and out if service while I was driving. But I do have AT&T :-[


We were on the road (after a quick stop in the Starbucks in our hotel) at 7AM. Made sure we had a full tank of gas and reset the odometer at road 360. We were about to take the full day long, exhilarating, amazing road to Hana.

I packed all of our valuables and essentials in one knapsack. I took this out at every stop without bothering to even close the top of our convertible. Too many stories of people getting robbed which would quickly turn the day into a nightmare. Snacks and a change of clothing we left in the trunk.

If there is one place to rent a convertible, this is it! With plants and greenery surrounding you on all sides, some sights would be missed in a regular car that you would only be able to see with a convertible.

The Maui revealed app was a lifesaver. Service is really spotty so Google maps is out. Relying on mile markers isn't great either because if you turn off the road to visit the ke'eane coast or the Nahiku road then your mile markers are going to be off. Another good thing about the app was the ability to favorite/mark places so it would allow you to quickly find it on the map

Its physically impossible to do all the sites in one day. It’s imperative to plan were to stop, were to hike/swim and were to keep driving. While I was making my list, I realized that if I would stop and swim in every waterfall that I wanted to see, I would run out of time and energy really quickly. So, I planned to have an extended stay by one of the waterfalls a third of the way in (either Ching’s pond, Three bear falls or Wailua ike) and then another extended stay by the black sand beach.

As we got an early start we took the drive slow allowing locals to pass us whenever there was a place to pull over. Nothing nicer than driving through the jungle with the top down and a perfect 80 degree sunny weather!

Our first stop was half mile past 11 Haipua'ena Falls. A 3 minute walk through a jungle path lead us to a pretty pool with a small falls.

After staying there for a few minutes, we drove on to the 13 mile lookout. What a view!

Next we took a small detour towards Ke'anae Peninsula. The ocean crashes up on the lava rocks, really cool to see and definitely worth the detour.

We took a quick stop over at Wailua Valley State Wayside which had nice views in either direction

Looking out towards the ocean

180 degrees behind us to the mountains

After that we arrived at Ching’s pond. After going down the trail for 2 minutes we get there…. and its completely empty. I know people really enjoyed swimming here and watching the people jump off the bridge. As no one was there and we didn’t feel the need to go swimming yet, we decided to push on.

Soon we came up to the three bears falls. Here was completely the opposite problem. It was packed! We then realized we would have to park up the road and walk all the way down to the beginning of the trail. We also noticed that the beginning part of the trail was a bit steep. So we decided to just take pictures from the bridge and move on.

Finally we came to Wailua Ike falls. With our permit in hand ;), we went on a short walk through the woods that would lead us to a huge falls.

We kept going a bit further and it lead us to a really nice pool with a nice waterfall.

Only a few people were there and there was a nice rock to jump off and swim to the falls. Perfect! The water was a bit cold but really nice after walking through the woods to get there.

The girl is taking video of someone jumping off the rock

Right next to the falls

After spending a bunch of time jumping off the rocks and swimming to the falls, we walked back to our car and drove to Pua'a Ka'a State Park. While the falls were nice, we mainly stopped to use the bathrooms!

We kept driving and made two quick stops at Hanawi Falls (I don’t think I took a picture) and
Makapipi Falls just to see the view from the top of the falls.

Both took a minute each but wouldn’t spend any more time on that.

We then took a detour on the Nahiku Road all the way to the end. There is a sign at the end saying the bridge is closed (for good reason, it’s a rotten wooden bridge) so just park in front of the church and walk to the coast. The drive on this road is incredible. You feel like your car will get swallowed up by lush greenery surrounding you from all sides.

At the end of the road (about a 10 minute walk) is the coast with a picnic bench to eat and chill.

We stayed there for a few minutes but not before checking out Nahiku Pond

Now we started getting in to the outskirts of Hana itself. We drove by a few food stands and finally came to Wai'anapnapa State Park, which has the Black Sand Beach

Apparently, there are a bunch of hikes/trails to the lava arch on one side and the cliffs on the other, but as we were getting tired we decided to just stay at the beach itself. As you can see the “sand” is actually small black rocks made from lava

To the right of the beach there is this cool cave that is worth checking out.

Now we drove to Hana bay to try to find the red beach. We found it but rust color is more accurate

At this point we were starting to get tired but we drove on to see the Seven sacred pools. Until now we barley encountered any traffic coming the other way. Now, as it was later in the day there was a lot of cars making the way back from the seven sacred pools. This made it really annoying to pull over every minute or two and maneuverer to let the cars go through. I wanted to yell at them to just do the full loop! That section from Hana bay until the seven sacred pool was the worst driving part of the trip.

We breezed by Wailua Falls without even getting out of the car because as Maui revealed warned us might happen, we had waterfall fatigue!

We finally got to the seven sacred pools. As we were getting tired we decided to do the 0.5 mile loop. Unfortunately, the pools were closed as there was high surf. Not only were they not allowing people to swim they even closed accesses to get close to the falls.

As it was getting late and we were pretty tired we opted out of doing any of the longer hikes through the bamboo forest or to the other falls.

While most of the cars were turning right to go back the way they came, we went left to do the full loop. Wow, what an amazing road. First, if you think there is even a possibility that you won’t finish this road while it’s still daylight out, don’t do it. Many times, you are driving on a one car width, unpaved road at the edge of a cliff.

Then you realize, wait this part doesn’t even have a guardrail!

It’s hard enough during the day, its verging on suicidal at night. That being said, I would highly recommend it. Totally different then the first part of the road but in some ways just as beautiful.

After driving through some narrow, windy, one car width roads we finally came back to normal highways. We got back to our hotel just in time to see another amazing Wailea Sunset

So just some advice for the Road to Hana:

•   Do your research beforehand. What I might have loved, you would skip (for example we skipped some caves that you had to crawl through, we heard people who loved it).
•   Make sure you spend some time by at least one or two waterfalls. More than that you will probably run out of time or get too tired.
•   Rent a convertible! Its made for this road
•   Leave early. Then you won’t feel rushed and it wont be as crowded
•   Pack all your valuables in one bag. This will make it easy for you to grab quickly by each stop and you won’t worry about getting robbed.
•   Do the detours at Ke'anae Peninsula and especially Nahiku Road . Well worth it
•   Drive the full loop! Its beautiful. Just make sure you’ll have enough time to do it while its still light
•   Get the Maui revealed app. A real-life saver when you have no service
•   If you aren’t going to drive the back part of road and you can’t swim in the seven sacred pools (you can check online I think), I would just turn around by the black sand beach and go back there. Not worth the time and the annoyance driving to the seven sacred pools just for that

Do it now before you fail too!

I added a Wiki for you!
Lol, thanks! I'll use it as motivation to finish

Beautiful pictures!  The adult infinity pool looks continuous with the ocean. Clear narrative. I like understanding your choices.

Memories.....Great write up.
Happy to see Lapperts displaying the hashgacha (had certification behind the counter when i visited)

Thanks! My first real TR (with pics and going into detail). Harder than it looks! I can see why so many people fail to finish...

How did you book your flights?
Through CSR. As I very specific dates when I had to fly, there was zero saver opening in both economy and/or business. After searching for a few weeks and seeing the prices slowly tick up I finally took the plunge and booked flying Hawaiian. JFK to HNL, HNL to OGG, OGG to LIH, LIH to HNL, HNL to JFK. 81,000 UR x 2


While jet lag affected me the first few days, my wife was able to sleep late pretty much every day. For Monday we had nothing planned besides relaxing and going to Walmart. I have to stress how important it is just to include at least one day of relaxing by the pool/beach. I really enjoyed all the hiking and activities that we did over the trip, but I think the "off days” were just as enjoyable. We made sure to be out by 8:00 to reserve a great seat by the pool.

There are 3 main pool areas.

The adult infinity pool in middle overlooking the ocean

Cabanas in the water which you can rent (for what I am assuming is an outrageous fee, I didn’t ask)

The Kids area with waterfalls, sprinklers and 2 water slides (which they claim are the highest in Maui)

View from the top of the water slides

Then there is regular infinity pool (for kids as well) with hot tub attached. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of this area. There is also a regular (lap?) pool and a dive pool where they offer free scuba diving lessons.

The adult infinity pool is fantastic with unobstructed views of the ocean (it seemed closer to the water than other hotels in Wailea) but it is a drop cold at night.

After hanging out by the adult infinity pool for most of the morning, we decided to go to Wailea Beach (a 3 minute walk). The Marriot has someone who will set up a chair for you at the beach. We rented some snorkeling gear and snorkeled in front of the hotel. While the visabillity wasn't as great as the morning there were at least 5-6 turtles swimming in the shallow water.

Turtle sticking his head out of the water with the Marriot in the background.

Later in the afternoon we decided to check out lapperts ice cream in Wailea shops. A bit pricey but really good.

Its kosher!

After Lapperts, we drove to Walmart to get a toaster and some other essentials and made it back in time to see another amazing sunset.

The Marriot has a luau a few nights a week. If you want to just see the show (for free) just sit on the hill outside of the kids area pool. You have a great view of the whole luau and save yourself a $110

Originally we planned on going to Front Street in Lahaina to walk around, but we had to be up early the next morning for the road to hana so we decided to go there a different day



We flew direct from JFK to HNL. There's no denying it, it's a long flight. But to put it in perspective is shorter than flying to Israel from NYC. We had an hour and change stop over in HNL so we went to the plumeria lounge with our priority pass. Nothing major just basic drinks and snacks. Quickly boarded our second flight and a short while later we landed in Maui. Now I know Walmart is right by the airport but after flying all day we just wanted to get to the hotel and unwind. About a half hour later we arrived at the Wailea Marriot.

Driving into the Marriot

Open Lounge

We got upgraded to an ocean view room which was a regular room (nice but nothing over the top) but had a great balcony with views of the adult infinity pool and ocean.

The hotel doesn't have a beach directly in front of the hotel, some might view that as a negative but we actually liked it as you had unobstructed views of the ocean from the pool.

Sunset our first night from the infinity pool (don’t worry that’s not me in the pool :P)

The “beach/coast” right in front of the hotel

Wailea beach is a 3 minute walk from the hotel where they will set up a beach chair for you.

Customer service was fantastic with everyone really accommodating. They kept my box of pomegranate meals in their freezer and gladly gave me my meals whenever I asked.

There is a Starbucks on the property and they have Nespresso machines in every room

There is a game room with ping pong, a shuffle board, an xbox and kids games. Not 100% what’s in it because I didn’t go in.

There is a mens and womens lounge right next to the lobby. If you arrive before check in or have a late flight past checkout they have showers, towels and lockers set up so you can enjoy the pool/beach until you need to leave. The bellhop will watch your luggage for you until you need to leave.

There is a $30 resort fee as well as a parking fee. $25 for self parking or $35 for valet.

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