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Hi Folks!!
This summer courtesy of Continental at 135K miles I am flying with my wife in biz from ny to Sydney passing through Vancouver. Air Canada flatbed. Then a side trip to new zealand for a week booked with Jet star for 220 a ticket. From Sydney after nz off to Ayers Rock Au to see the outback. Then to the great barrier reef for a few days. Those two tickets which normally cost 800 dollars i did with Qantas for 20K AA miles per person so gotta thank Citi BAnk. We're staying at Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas on cash and points of course. Then from the great barrier reef we continue on now using the return ticket fron ny syd with continental. Open jaw from th GBR. On to Guam in biz of course as well as the rest of the tickets. Under 24 hours and Tokyo here we come!! Staying at the conrad on 50k hilton points. 22 hours later and next flight to Hong Kong. This is our stopover where we stay for four days. Intercontintel Kowloon for 580 for 3 nights. Then red eye to seoul south korea and a day at the DMZ between north and south korea. Seoul Sfo next and a day touring in sfo. Then back home!!
NYC - YVR - SYD - CNS - GUM - NRT - HKG - ICN - SFO - NYC in biz all 135k points. Any one who has tips for any of these places please post comments and ideas!!

Up In The Air / Re: leaving the airpoprt during stopovers
« on: June 17, 2011, 05:48:41 PM »
Is there anywhere in rome I can leave my luggage during a full day stopover? How about in seoul south korea? And thirdly Guam?

SUCCESS!! Two min after application i was confirmed. Thanks folks!

Alright Smokey Joe R I just pulled the triger and am awaiting a response. I HATE IT WHEN THIS HAPPENS!!! how long is the regular wait? Is it a bad sign? I have 14K on my starwood.

Hi what do you tell Amex to convince them to give you the 75K points?

Yes you did thanks for the clarification.

Granted it expired. That said what is the argument I make to Amex being that I am applying after it ended?

Thanks and what do i tell amex being that I will apply after the promo already passed?

Can I get the bonus points if I apply now?

On The Road / Re: Car Rental Corporate Codes Roundup
« on: May 23, 2011, 10:11:56 PM »
Does anyone know which corporate accounts waive the underage fee in Australia for Americans for 23 years old? It seems that most of the codes do not work. Thank you.

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