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Re: Citi AA Master Thread i have a citi plat aa offer for 40k after 3k and another 10k after another 2k spend w/o the 24 month lang. pm me
October 31, 2016, 11:35:08 PM
Re: Best Credit Car 2017 Credit car. Vroom sorry couldn't help it.
January 05, 2017, 08:17:44 AM
Re: New 5th freedom flight ATH-EWR with EK Emirates will start flying on 3/12 to Athens nonstop on a 777-300 aircraft from Newark.

(Think of the easy connection to TLV)

Best way to book it is via RT via JAL or via an open jaw ticket via JAL as well (which means u are returning from a dif. Airport)

JAL is a SPG partner & 20,000 SPG points transfer into 25,000 JAL miles.

When u book, u can book it a few ways both will be the same cost..

(Newark) EWR-ATH-EWR (and u book on the cheap some elal "up" or some aegean airlines flights to connect to israel)

Athens-EWR (newark)

U can mix & match...
The JFK-MXP (milan) route is an A380 & has a shower on board in first class.

Roundtrip in first is 100,000 JAL miles or 80,000 SPG + about $40 in taxes max (will be a bit less)

If u only need a one way.. best way is via JAL as well.. but its gonna cost u 90,000 miles. For another 10,000 u get a roundtrip ticket

January 23, 2017, 08:19:58 AM
Re: Best AA Phone Numbers for Help
Powers of HUCA  :)

Care to share what happened on this call?
hes been on the site for 9 years and has 70 posts I dont think hes here to help anyone just here for when he needs help

April 05, 2017, 03:23:25 PM
Re: Equifax waves fee to freeze credit!! Are they going to waive the fees to temporarily unfreeze also?

Are they going to sponsor the fees to freeze reports at the other two bureaus too?

Not enough, and too slow. They had 5+ weeks to prepare for the consumer reaction, and all they did with that time was figure out ways to protect themselves (arbitration clause). Their website was inadequate to handle the traffic of concerned people checking, the links for people who were affected didn't work at first, the PINs were assigned using a dumb algo, and all they offered was one year of lousy credit monitoring service (plus upsell!) as if this breach was no different than Target's loss of credit card numbers. Not to mention the insider trading scandal, which is a whole other animal.

Based on the contempt this company is showing to consumers in a situation where they caused a significant amount of injury, they shouldn't survive this. In fact, I've bet heavily that they won't. I think in a few years this company will become an example for business consultants to hold up the same way Blockbuster is now

September 13, 2017, 10:07:31 AM
Re: My next app-o-rama...
Can you share details please, which card would you recommend?
Citi AA biz (if you need a NL, pm me) Barclay B6 biz, AA biz

January 08, 2018, 01:17:39 AM
Re: Airline Compensation Master Thread
I forgot to add it was our daughter.... but that shouldnt make a difference, correct?

my wife spilled water on me on a UA flight
i emailed united saying the person next to me spilled water on me and i got a $100 voucher

April 13, 2018, 02:44:30 PM
Re: Chase Ultimate Rewards Points
Anyone have any DP how long it takes for a transfer from UR to krisflyer? didn't realize it wasn't instant and I need it asap. transferred at 11:30pm
If you missed the cutoff last night and it didn't hit at 3am it should hit 3am tonight/tom morning.

Can I use "MY" ultra award points to book a hotel room via the rewards travel site for my son and his wife ? they do not live with me not live with me and not get in trouble with Chase -I will not be with them on the trip

or if I add son as an AU and then let him book the room using my points is a safer way ?
No need to add AU. You can book for anyone in your UR account. Just put their name in.

December 12, 2018, 08:54:35 AM
Re: My credit card number was stolen at hotel Why didn't you go directly to the management when you were at the hotel?
January 15, 2019, 01:38:01 PM
Re: Amex gift cards Great deal!
You can buy Amex gift cards from with no purchase fees just shipping fee of 8.95 using code phone401
Chase credit cards don't work for buying these gift cards.

February 25, 2020, 01:45:03 PM