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Credit Cards / Re: Barclays Arrival Plus World Elite MC Master Thread
« on: July 06, 2020, 06:30:47 PM »
Same here.
I'm not sure what they are hoping to gain by refusing to downgrade.
Do they really think anyone will pay the annual fee on this useless card rather than close it?
Useless??? Itís the only card I actually pay the annual fee year over year. Please explain how you can do better than 2% cash back? Albeit having 12 cards in your wallet.

Planning to visit from Monday - Thursday. Staying in Island Park, ID (30 min from West entrance). With 4 kids age 7-12.

Monday - Geysers  How to do this? Which ones? Is a full day too much? 
Tuesday - "Grand Canyon" & Hayden Valley
Wednesday - Which would you recommend????  (Mammoth, West Thumb/Yellowstone Lake, Lamar Valley)
Thursday - Grand Teton What to do here? Jenny Lake hike?(planning on driving halfway to Vegas after)

Besides for sightseeing, what activities would you recommend?
Uncle Tom's Trail
Fairy Falls Trail
Rafting or boating
Anything else??

Please share any thoughts.
I would plan a bit different, divide the parks into sections and then take it in strolls. For example, there is a hike they call the Niagara of the West (or something like that) which is the same falls as in the Uncle Toms Trail falls , albeit a different view, which was fun hike. Then there is the Grand Prismatic and the Boiling Mud Pot and a bunch of other random holes that steams is billowing out from which I found very interesting. There was some insane winding road near a lake that we pulled over and all went swimming for an hour or so. Or there is place where the hot and cold waters meet... (there were lot of women there so I was unable to join my kids in the fun).

In terms of the geysers, Old Faithful is the best as itís the most predictable, you donít want to sit for hours waiting for something to erupt.

There are a bunch or ranger talks that kids of that age will love, they give out activity books that will keep the kids busy as well.

Credit Cards / Re: Barclays Arrival Plus World Elite MC Master Thread
« on: July 05, 2020, 08:13:44 PM »
Any DP if ezpass is redeemable as a statement credi?
I make a refundable hotel reservation then cancel it, but even after the refund posts there is still an option to get credit for it.

Looks like itís widespread. My niece is miserable with congestion and sore throat and is starting as a JC tomorrow. Sheís nervous about bringing corona into the camp but it doesnít sound like anything other that a common cold or virus to me.
The last thing she wants it to be ďthat girlĒ who had the whole camp shut down for a week (at best).

I am planning on going to Yellowstone this summer and have a few questions. Tentatively I am planning Sun morning thru Thu afternoon.

1) Are there any shabbos options anywhere in the vicinity? (traveler718 commented about a Chabad that is currently closed).

2) It doesn't seem that I would be able to make it back on time for shabbos leaving any later than Thursday afternoon. Any Ideas?

3) I was considering flying into FCA and spending Sunday and Monday at Glacier and the heading to yellowstone Mon evening and spending Tue Wed in yellowstone and Flying back Thu from JAC (maybe stop in Teton on Thursday). Am I trying to do too much? Should I just do Yellowstone? I'm not the type that needs to see every sight in the parks.
Did you look into flying in and out of BZN? Rental car will be cheaper if you return to the same location as pickup.

Destination Guides And Trip Planning / Re: Utah Master Thread
« on: June 23, 2020, 06:37:32 PM »
Anyone know of someone familiar with Zion National Park that can be a tour guide for a large group? Specifically want to do the narrows
Donít just plan around the narrows, we were there for a few days and each day it was high risk for flooding. Didnít end up doing that hike. We did something else similar itís call Kannara Creek.

Goods For Sale/Trade / Re: $100 Dell Statement Credit from Amex
« on: June 22, 2020, 02:47:36 PM »
Selling $220 for 75%

So something in Jackson or West Yellowstone would be ideal.
What's my best option for a place for 7? Airbnb?
I don't many points options. Just get 2 rooms at a hotel?
How many days are you staying? If itís only 2-3 days and you plan to visit the park every day, Big Sky will be annoying. We stayed 8 days in Big Sky and we went 3-4 times to the park, it was not bad. We were willing sacrifice the hour drive for nice and affordable Airbnb. We also had small kids so there was no way we can do 3/4 consecutive days in the car/park.

Most camp announcements I've seen have included some kind of plan for prevention of infections. What I haven't seen is any comprehensive plan for how infections will be handled if they do occur during camp. Has anyone seen any plan published from any of the overnight camps, especially the new ones which have popped up to fill the void?
I have heard that Camp Agudah Midwest (South Haven MI) is only allowing campers that live within a 24 hour drive, in case of a COVID-19 breakout.

win for who?
For the seminaries? definitely not!
For the parents that want to send? also not
For the girls that are looking forward to go? also not
For the parents that don't want to send but send anyway because of peer pressure? So for these sorry people that can't do what they feel is right because of what others do you are happy if everyone else loses out?
How many seminary age children have you been through or are you just 23 yourself?

So schools, shuls, funerals and weddings are all negotiable to Agudah, but summer camp is the red line? I understand that it's important but it affects a much smaller portion of the population and alternatives are conceivable.

Do they realize that for every person decimated that there isn't camp, there are 5 who are relieved that they need not go another 10k in debt during this financial crisis.

If the seminaries shut it will be a win win situation. 

Lol, so much for that.
They can still try legal options. No idea if they would hold water.

All is not lost yet.

Seems like Agudah is indeed opening up in NH.

Another day camp conversion.

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