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Did you try 6661?

When did you hear this?

I called twice yesterday and got the points for both accounts. The worst I heard was that i wasn't eligible for a promotion.

Rumor has it that if a representative is giving you a hard time with 6661, then you can try 6393. It's basically the same thing, spend 1000 within three months etc. Has anyone tried this?

Credit Cards / Re: closing AMEX plat to avoid $450 annual fee
« on: August 29, 2011, 12:18:01 PM »
I spent the $1000 on the card and paid the bill.
Its the second month and I want to cancel to save the  $450. I have a gold card and a blue amex so can ask them to transfer the credit . Will that be enough not to show up on my credit report as a closed account? Will the points transfer to these cards too?


When you say "credit", I assume you refer to the 450 credit that you will receive upon cancellation. You can indeed have American Express post this credit to your Gold card account. I do believe that by closing this account it will still show on your report. Points will  stay, as you have the Gold card.

Another potential solution is to just downgrade your card to the Zinc and keep this line of credit open.

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