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On The Road / Re: Built-In Car GPS Discussion
« on: July 10, 2012, 10:47:40 AM »
I just dont get how they expect u to txt and drive

You don't really need to txt anything, all the commands and reports you can submit are pre configured

On The Road / Re: Built-In Car GPS Discussion
« on: July 10, 2012, 01:00:43 AM »
in theory should be better real-time traffic, as it's crowdsourced

I did not get a chance to use it in the US yet but was in israel recently and drove over 2500 km, and the traffic was extremely accurate.

i think they don't relay only on crowd-sourcing but also on local traffic sources

That's what I pay for 6 months on my Altima :o

That's insain

Just a note great deal- got it but insurance is much higher than my lexus i just returned.and all that i know who are trying to get the car are having difficulty getting low quotes under $200 a month in nyc

I'm having same issue with insurance quote,
which deal did you end up getting?

Love the spelling! ;)

the guy is a macher. not a langue teacher

What part is more convenient?
That if you're in a rush you need be be stopped to enter your destination, one letter at a time?
Not having alternate routes options like Android?
Not seeing current traffic speeds along every possible road on your route?
Not having access to Google's awesome POI system?
Not having the $2K in your pocket versus getting a car without it?

Some things I'll never understand...

sometimes you drive close distance, or you just want to see something around you, or whatever, i do agree though its not worth 2K, but in this case it seems like $10-20 a month so that's like $300 which may be worth it for some people

I saved huge amounts of time on my recent NYC trip with Google's alternate route options.
Plus you can know before entering the car exactly how long it will take to get somewhere given current traffic conditions.

With the big 4.7" screens on recent Androids using it instead of built-in nav is a no-brainer IMHO.

Have you tried WAZE?

i know that in israel its very popular but never tried it here

And you find that better than Android?

convenient, not better

In an Android (or at least Nuvi) era does anyone use the built-in nav?

You are right about that however i still consider the nav added value as sometimes it is very handy and more comfortable then your phone

I have a nice tomtom GPS with traffic and everything yet i still use to find myself using the cars built in nav from time to time

seems the dealers have a lot of room they are just giving it up little by little

HELP!!!! can anyone get me out of my maxima?

a year left, way under mileage. :(

By asking nicely :P

so what the bank will just give up his fee


315 incl tax for the infiniti g37 coupe awd, 24 months 10k miles

not bad


True, but I've gotten it waived a couple times in the past.

how can you get that waived?

My Brother in law - Shloime 845-641-1000 has the base altima for $145, sunroof and bluetooth for $179, and Leather for $199 incl. tax 12K a year 24 months.

does he have the infiniti too? and what leasing company

How can this car be so cheap, even the maxima costs more!

Credit Cards And Finance / Re: Amex Platinum 50K link
« on: July 06, 2012, 11:38:26 AM »
It stays in your account if you have other MR cards. Green and Gold allow for airline transfers. The others like Zync don't allow transfers but save it for when you get another Plat/Gold card

Did this answer the PM?

Thanks, yes i have the ZYNC so it will stay in the zync account, and they wont revoke them once i cancel the card?

Credit Cards And Finance / Re: Amex Platinum 50K link
« on: July 06, 2012, 01:19:04 AM »
Question: After i Get the points and cancel the card to get AF refunded, what happens to the points, how can i save them?

I have amex Zync and Blue cash, do they transfer there?

Maybe stupid question but went thru most of thread and didnt find answer

On The Road / Re: Hertz Master Thread
« on: June 20, 2012, 06:41:14 PM »
Thank you very much for elaborating.

What kind of insurance did u have? (besides amex)

Was it obvious it wasn't your fault?

didn't have any insurance at the time on my name, just the amex

well in my opinion it was obvious, 

I entered an intersection after fully stopping at a stop sign,  and while in the intersection a car from a crossing road entered and crashed into me

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