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Deals/Deal Requests / Re: Laptop Deals Master Thread
« on: March 03, 2013, 06:19:18 PM »
certified refurb for $639     deal?     i would add $38 for a year phone/in home warranty.    plus, amex would add a year to that

rocessor   Processor: Intel Core 3rd Generation i5-3320M Processor (2.6GHz, 3M cache, Upgradable to Intel vPro technology)
Operating System   Genuine Windows 7 Professional
Base   Dell Outlet Latitude E5530 Laptop
Hard Disk Drive   500 GB SATA Hard Drive (7200 RPM)
Memory   4GB Single Channel DDR3 1600MHz
Media Bay   8X DVD +/- RW Drive
Video   Intel Integrated Graphics
Laptop Screen   15.6inch FHD (1920x1080) Wide View Anti-Glare WLED-backlit
Network Interface Card   Dell Wireless 1540 802.11a/n Dual Band, High Speed Wi-Fi Half Mini-card
Bluetooth Wireless   Dell Wireless 380 Bluetooth 4.0 LE Module
Hardware Upgrade   125V Power Cord
90W AC Adapter
Bluetooth Cable
Integrated Palmrest without Finger Print Reader
Keyboard Cable
Optical Drive Bezel
Software Upgrade   Genuine Windows 7 Professional 32-Bit Operating System DVD
Web Camera   Noise Cancelling Digital Array Microphone
Security Software   Trend Micro 16.6 PC-cillin 30 Day
Laptop Battery   6-Cell (60WH) Primary Lithium Ion Battery, (2.8Ah) ExpressCharge Capable

Deals/Deal Requests / Re: Laptop Deals Master Thread
« on: March 02, 2013, 06:17:19 PM »
Nice laptop will be available. Not a crazy deal but good price
better than this?

Sony Vaio E Series 17 Laptop (SVE1712BCXB) for $630 - $50 off with promo code VMEPROMOMAR13 = $580 with free shipping. Thanks rodneycubed


    Intel Core i5 3210M 2.50GHz
    6GB DDR3
    500GB HDD
    17.3" 1920x1080 LED
    1GB Radeon HD 7550M
    WiFi N
    CD/DVD Player/Burner
    Windows 8

Any way to do this twice with same card?
de-link your card, and sync a new one

Up In The Air / airtran anywhere awards
« on: February 28, 2013, 03:42:10 PM »
if i have 32 credits i can issue a voucher now and then choose the flight at some point later in the year?   

Credit Cards / Re: New Amex Bonus Terms
« on: February 28, 2013, 08:49:00 AM »
How do you do that, a new online profile?
no, call to activate and tell them you want a new mr account # associated with it   

Credit Cards / Re: New Amex Bonus Terms
« on: February 27, 2013, 05:52:02 PM »
application.     try to open a new mr accont number when you activate your card, that might help facilitate getting the points.

Deals/Deal Requests / Re: Laptop Deals Master Thread
« on: February 26, 2013, 01:46:54 PM »
Honestly, I cant see myself looking for a quality hi-end laptop that doesn't have a 7200rpm hard drive or an ssd cache, but this laptop was about $150 more a month ago.
ya, that's what's killing me about this thing.    if it was half the hd space with a 7200 rpm i'd be all over it.       only question is do you think it's reasonable that i'd find a full hd, high quality laptop with one of those at such a price range?   i don't wanna spend a grand

Deals/Deal Requests / Re: Laptop Deals Master Thread
« on: February 26, 2013, 01:22:13 PM »
I think the same model for $50 cheaper
same thing, it's just before tax + shipping

what do you think of the specs/price?   they say it's got a great start up speed (about 22 seconds, compared to similar line hp which is approx 45 seconds)         

Deals/Deal Requests / Re: Laptop Deals Master Thread
« on: February 26, 2013, 01:17:01 PM »
Dell Inspiron I15R SE

about $750 after tax and shipping


    Intel Core i7-3632QM 2.2GHz
    8GB DDR3 Memory
    1TB Hard Drive (5400 RPM)
    15.6" 1080p LED Display
    2GB AMD Radeon HD 7730M
    DVDRW Drive
    WiFi N
    1MP Webcam
    6-cell Battery
    Windows 8 Home
        4x USB 3.0
        1x HDMI
        1x VGA

survey says?

Nothing higher than $500 now.
diners club carte blanche?

what's the highest per item return protection offered on a card?    according to the old post on dd, spg is $300 and csp is $500.     is there anyone who gives higher?    i'm looking to buy a $750 laptop that i want covered...

that gives you two years to move to florida, so you can get the florida resident discount.        you could also buy through chabad, i believe they sometimes have some deals, there should be a link floating around the forums somewhere. 

in terms of paying for the actual tickets, you can use a cap one points card to cover them.  you'll get 1cpp towards the tickets, thats what i used last year.   

General Discussion / Re: Plumber in Jerusalem
« on: February 20, 2013, 08:13:29 AM »
Wow, what a chessed... I'm really impressed!
it's also a great marketing idea.   he's very "american" in his service (and he's actually an american too, go figure)            they also give a warranty of 3 months after they fix something, that if the problem crops up again they'll fix it free of charge (such as drain issues and whatnot).

General Discussion / Re: Plumber in Jerusalem
« on: February 19, 2013, 06:26:44 PM »
instalezer is good.   don't know if he's cheap.   050 521 7626

eliezer, the guy who owns it, is american so he's easy to explain things to.   also, he has a self help line for an hour every night. you call up and he'll try to walk you through solving the problem on your own, no charge!     for something like a blocked kitchen drain, it could be that would be enough.  save yourself some money.

Up In The Air / Re: alternative to united
« on: February 19, 2013, 06:23:55 PM »
SJU is USA, but either way, yes.
i recently was speaking to someone who added on yyz to drop the price.  i wasn't sure what the bag situation was in that case. 

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