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Not sure if this has been posted before but this grant can be incredibly helpful for many here and has not been spoken about much
Did anyone get in?

They have their valid reasons for doing it this way which they do not want to share.
And you are privy to said reasons?

I called to extend points expiring soon, and I was told that they can not do that until it is expired. So if you want to extend your points, call after they expire.
Was told the same. Pretty weird since I know they can extend.

im sure they would have returned to you
Not so sure. I gave a deposit, and it does not seem like they are opening, yet no money returned yet. Yeshivahs at least by me are cashing headchecks business as usual, with no communication with the parents. Money makes people do funny things.

So basically they're forcing you to stay with them to get the discount, and they can raise your premium to cover the "discount"
Exactly. Since my premium renewed in March. I have to basically wait the full 6 months to see any discount. On average they raise their premiums every six months by a few percentage points... so no real deal here. My main question is if I start re quoting with any of the above mentioned companies that are offering discounts will the rates actually come in any lower for a new policy? Anyone know?

Dr Samet of Passaic. BDE.

Any ideas about how to toivel a new pot? Is it safe to do right now?
A lot of keieim Mikvaos are now chlorinated.

Didnt work for me. They told me to use for uber eats.

Better yet who the heck sleeps in the afternoon?

I and family got tested today. In Monsey, no preconditions are needed.

Home renovation. Thinking prices will likely drop after all this, and contractors will be desperate for work.

May I have permission to repost the link to your "resources for kids"page that you posted today?  With your permission, I would post it to my FB page and Baltimore Jewish Life.  Please let me know if I may pass it on in this manner so that I may help preserve the sanity of hard-pressed mothers.
All the best.
Email or PM Dan or JJ

Invalid Tweet ID
Maybe he was off by two days
Wow... Insane

Not true for all of NJ. Passaic and Bergen County are in lockdown.
Passaic has not had minyanim for the most part since Sunday and schools have been closed since Thursday/Friday.

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