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Re: Rome Master Thread Planning a trip with my wife to Rome in Feb. for 4 days, finished now reading the whole thread, would like to ask a couple of questions!

1. can anyone describe how it is in the winter (Feb.) was anyone there this time?
2. Saw i can rent a smart car for abt €100 for all 4 days, i think it pays only for the way in and out to the airport (as im not planning in using it much in the city.)
3. is there what to do there 4 days? or i must plan going out to Florencce one day (i got my smart!) was in Venice already!
4. is the best neighborhood to stay near the Ghetto, Spanish steps etc´or near the Piazza Bologna where there is also Jews (chabad shul, sushi) 



December 22, 2013, 09:27:49 AM
Re: Sprint Unlimited Kickstart Plan $15/month Never had sprint before, can I bring whichever unlocked phone I want? Are they gsm with a sim or not?
June 10, 2018, 08:51:00 AM