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Credit Cards And Finance / Re: BofA Credit Card $400 for signup
« on: August 07, 2012, 05:41:03 AM »
But if the $400 dollar cash rebate is redeemed to a BOA checking account you get another 10% ($40)... right?  That's what it says right in my account for this card when I go to the rewards section.
Again, i clearly asked the rep this exact question and he told me this is a cashback rebate, not redeemable points, so you dont get the 10 bonus. It could be he's mistaken, but that's what he said.

Credit Cards And Finance / Re: BofA Credit Card $400 for signup
« on: August 06, 2012, 06:27:53 PM »
Does it make it 440$ cash back?

No. The rep told me that the $400 dollars is a cash rebate, not 40,000 points which can be redeemed for cash.

Credit Cards And Finance / Re: New Chase BA Offer
« on: May 23, 2012, 04:30:21 PM »
Cancel (or switch to a free card) within 30 days of when the fee hits.

Thanks! :)

Credit Cards And Finance / Re: New Chase BA Offer
« on: May 23, 2012, 04:20:19 PM »
Looking forward to hear what she says. :)

She basically told me that she can only do manual changes (e.g. lower the annual fee, add to my bonus, etc.), but cannot change the fundamentals of the plan i signed up for. Therefore, about lowering the annual fee to 75, that she can do (and did), but she cannot schedule another 50,000 at the first anniversary because she is worried that i might hit the spending threshold and get the 100,000 (which again, she cannot remove since it is embedded in my plan - which she cannot change...) and doesnt want me to get the second 50,000 twice. Therefor, she told me that if at year's end i dont hit the spending threshold, i should call her again and she will add the 50,000. She also told me that she made a note by my account of all of the above so when i call in i shoudnt have any issues.

So basically, i guess i can say i successfully got it matched!

My only question is whether i can get the second year's miles without paying the second year's annual fee (which i suppose will only be $75)?

Credit Cards And Finance / Re: New Chase BA Offer
« on: May 22, 2012, 08:27:18 PM »
I doubt she would, just say you saw it on their website. If that doesn't work maybe say- When you got the offer did you have to actually buy the ticket? No you didn't hence why should this be different? You know many people whom opened the card and didn't have to buy a ticket. OR say you already bought the ticket but you already had the card, OR say you will buy a ticket and purchase a refundable ticket.

Thanks a bunch! Will do. I'll report back tomorrow iy"h.

Credit Cards And Finance / Re: New Chase BA Offer
« on: May 22, 2012, 08:16:25 PM »
You can ask for that lady. I think you (we) have a very valid claim. Just explain it and as always be courteous and nice, asking in a way that you would greatly appreciate any help with this issue... Love to hear back what she says...

But what do i do if she says i must buy a british airlines ticket...?

Credit Cards And Finance / Re: New Chase BA Offer
« on: May 22, 2012, 07:55:35 PM »
What was the number to call? Regular chase phone number or the rewards department? I spoke to the regular chase number and they forwarded my claim to the rewards department who will be answering me by mail this week.

This was the the exchange:

I dont understand! Why cant you match that offer? I was
told by numerous Chase reps that they would match any
nontargeted offer as long as i request it within 90 days
of opening the account. Why is this one not being matched?
You gave me no explanation in your reply.





Thank you for taking the time to contact us in regards to
your British Airways credit card account.

I would like to discuss the offer you are referencing in
your e-mail, please call me at your earliest convenience.

If you have any further questions, please reply using the
Secure Message Center.


Credit Cards And Finance / Re: New Chase BA Offer
« on: May 22, 2012, 07:32:05 PM »
I sent an SM to match the offer which they declined. Them, when i questioned their reason for declining, and told them that numerous reps have told me that they match any nontargeted offer within 90 day, i get a reply back today that they want me to call in so they can speak to me.

I have no idea what to expect! Anyone has any advice for me?

Thanks in advance!

Thanks dirah for your input!

But it seems to me that it's likely they linked the two because you didn't close your first one.

I'm asking about closing the first one, waiting some time, then reapplying with a new SPG number.

Again, any input is greatly appreciated.

Please, anyone with experience with this matter please chime in so maybe we can crack this case.


What makes you think so? The Chase United is pretty much foolproof.

Can everyone with experience with this issue please chime in so maybe we can get to the bottom of this?

Thanks in advance!!!

Thanks Lamdan!

I've heard of success stories with leaving it empty, but wouldn't it solidify your chances if you do it the Chase Continental/United way and supply a new SPG number?

Meaning, I'm still wondering if those who had success with leaving it blank, just struck luck, or is it guaranteed. Is there anyone out there who left it blank and did not get the bonus? And conversely, are there those out there who tried using a new number and did/or didn't get the bonus?

I'm basically trying to construct a foolproof way of churning it just like we have with the United Card.

Any input will be greatly appreciated.

And yes, when i apply, I'll definitely use Dan's link. After all, due to him I've earned well over $5,000 throughout the years. Yes, despite just registering, I've been a long-time lurker.

Thanks Dan for all you do!!!!

When trying to churn (and re-receive the sign-up bonus for) the Amex Starwood Card, is it better to leave your SPG number blank or open a new SPG account to supply when signing up? Does anyone have ACTUAL experience with this? If yes, your input would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks a bunch!!!!!!!

p. s. I know im a first time poster blah blah blah.. and i should first search the site blah blah blah... but yes, I HAVE searched the site numerous times and spent many hours doing so, but i have yet to find a concise answer relating to this exact question.

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