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Goods For Sale/Trade / Re: Google FI travel gift cards
« on: May 28, 2019, 05:34:29 PM »
selling $1000. you can choose where to redeem. 88% or best offer


Hi, I need to complete a platinum status challenge on AA. I need to earn 753 EQDs and 7474 EQMs

One way/Round trip: round trip
Non-stop/Maximum stops/Any: prefer non-top to 1 stop
From: JFK or LGA
To: Dallas
Departure dates: 12/19/2018
Return airports: JFK or LGA
Return dates: 12/20/2018
Class: Any
Seats: 1
Alliance/Airline: AA

Credit Cards And Finance / Re: Financial Review
« on: December 24, 2009, 10:22:57 AM »
is there a reason no one posted this link?

thats real honest :)

Dans post is about how to avoid the review, this thread is about what if it happened already!

Although Dan says to close you AMEX account, my experience showed me that it can be easy to fight.

Everyone has different financial situations, depending on your situation, you can decide to fight or not. 

Credit Cards And Finance / Re: Financial Review
« on: December 23, 2009, 06:06:47 PM »
I got my wife through the financial review with ease... It all depends on what flagged your account and how you deal with them.

They dont want to hear you arguing how you make $500,000 but have no documents to prove it.... just be honest nad say you made a mistake in your app.

In my wife's case she applied for a business starwood and wrote she earns $150,000....

I told them its a brand new business, she just graduated school and has no tax returns, or any of the other paperwork on anything. they said "OK fax in a copy of your bank statement" I said it will only show a balance of $4,000, they said it was fine.

done deal!

So they jack up the rate on a biz card too? What else?

There are over 350 different interchange card types, it all depends on how you are priced...

No, but they always advertise an offer to take credit cards with a bonus for executive members and a free terminal , etc.

Costco sells processing for Elavon (another processor) They offer low qualified rates, but jack up the rates for non swipe, rewards, business cards...

I've never had a terminal to see the terms, but I highly doubt it is against the terms to swipe without selling goods. People sell services too, for example having a consultation with a professional, dry cleaning, gardening.

Perhaps someone with a terminal (SuperFlyer) can confirm this.

According to V/MC/D and Amex regulations, Credit cards may only be used for purchased goods or services rendered. Processors will usually hold the fund from sales they deem as a cash advance.

Any credit card that has rewards will usualy cost the merchant (store owner) at least 2% usualy close to 3%.

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