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This is an add on item, after 'clipped' $3 off coupon clipped automatically through link when logged in to Amazon.

Does any one know why some Israelis living in the USA are getting a 2 year travel document when renewing an Israeli 10 year passport at US consulates while others are getting a 10 year valid passport? Makes no sense to me on who is getting what? I was born in Israel, had my 10 year valid passport for renewal and received a 2 year travel document(reddish brown) while my sister who has been living in the USA and is also an American citizen received a 10 year valid Israeli passport. My dentist who is also an Israeli and American citizen received a 10 year passport on renewal at the Chicago consulate, while another friend of mine received a travel document like me.
Any ideas on what basis are the consulates doing this?

Goods For Sale/Trade / iTunes gift cards
« on: December 28, 2015, 09:23:03 PM »
Selling $50 x 8 iTune  physical gift cards, prefer to send as e gift card , @80%.

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