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Re: Banff Master Thread not sure if I should be starting a new thread for my question, mods, please move to a new thread if appropriate.

I am looking for advice on my summer itinerary, taking in Vancouver, whistler, Banff and Jasper over two weeks.  We are a family with teenage kids. Here is what I have so far...  I am trying to keep things interesting while also leaving some down time to relax.  I expect to add in some nice hikes in each area as we solidify  the itinerary.  I am looking for advice on whether this itinerary should work (not looking for advice on flights, rental cars, hotels).  Thanks in advance.

Wednesday7PM flight Newark-Vancouver
Thursday   capilano bridge, cliff walk etc… Maple grill for supper
Friday   bike stanley park, dragon boating on the bay
Saturday   Shabbos in community
Sunday   Drive to Whistler - Sea to Sky highway - stop at squammish for Gondola, two nights in westin whistler
Monday   whistler, peak to peak gondola,
Tuesday   back to vancouver for  flight to calgary
Wednesday Shopping, hike in canmore
Thursday   lake louise, teahouse hike, canoes, morainne lake valley of ten peaks
Friday   banff, gondola, horse back riding, scenic spots
Saturday   Shabbos in Canmore
Sunday   white water rafting
Monday   iceland parkway - peyto lake, photo stops, Jasper, maligne lake cruise
Tuesday   Jasper and return to banff - overnight in banff
Wednesday   330 PM flight Calgary-Newark

March 10, 2017, 12:15:33 PM
Re: smoky mountains master thread don't know about the food. but there is great white water rafting nearby in benton, tn.
April 25, 2017, 11:22:16 AM
Cell-phones/talking in Shul One thing I did when I was an avel (and am trying to continue) is leave my cellphone at home or in my car.  I found that I davened better.  - even if the cellphone is totally turned off if it was in my pocket it was a distraction.  I figured if I am going to daven for the amud for 11 months, let me at least try to daven like a mentsh.
May 02, 2017, 11:47:18 PM
Re: Arizona Master Thread Download the pocket map from the official site and familiarize yourself with the rim and the bus routes.    There are two entrances to the Grand Canyon Southrim.  For a one-day back and forth I would suggest coming in on the south entrance which is faster but skips a lot of the viewing points to the east   

My recommendation for a one day visit would be park at bright angel and take the bus to Mohave point.  Walk back to Powell point  (you will have a very nice view along the way and it's a good view of the colarado river below) from Powell point take the bus back to bright angel. .  Then drive to visitors center and check out Mather point which is very popular.  If you have enough time take the bus from the visitors center to the south Kaibab  trail and walk down to ooh ah point. It is about 20 minutes down and about 35 minutes back up for the average out of shape guy.  If you do hike down make sure you take some water with you and sunscreen if it is sunny. 

June 05, 2017, 07:42:01 PM
Re: Where to spend sukkos The balloon fiesta in New Mexico coincides.  Just not sure if there is any minyan or sukka nearby. Seems like that would be interesting and out of the ordinary
August 29, 2017, 07:06:59 PM
Re: Hot!!! 75% off spyder coats status of my order is now changed to packed!
November 29, 2017, 03:22:19 PM
Re: Hot!!! 75% off spyder coats Yes and it is now showing in my ups my choice account.  Great news!
November 29, 2017, 03:32:27 PM
Re: South Florida Master Thread
They have (had?) Klein's soft serve
Not what you go there for though
Yup. They did have Klein’s soft serve which we passed on!We tasted most of the sorbets and I enjoyed the coconut, mango, raspberry and tangerine (my personal favorite). Very friendly place too.

February 10, 2018, 11:19:44 PM
Re: kashering liver
November 15, 2018, 07:49:25 PM
Re: Arizona Master Thread Been to all three.  Kitchen 18 is our favorite by far.
April 10, 2019, 08:34:28 AM
Re: South Florida Master Thread Can’t hurt to call the week before to confirm.  That’s what I would do.
I booked Shabbat dinner for two at Kosh a couple of days ago (gave her my cc over the phone) and just realized that I was dumb and didn't ask for any receipt or confirmations number.  She took down my name and I'm assuming they just keep a list for when you walk in Friday night and I should be ok.

I guess I was just hoping I could get reassurance here that others have done this at Kosh with no problem.  I mean if I show up there and it's already Shabbat and they don't have my name, I won't be in a good place.  Should I call back and make sure I'm on the list and ask for some kind of email?  Do they usually send receipts or do they usually just take payment and you assume they have your name on the list?


November 05, 2019, 04:31:21 PM
Re: Utah Master Thread I agree that you should skip canyonlands on this trip.  Make sure to check if Grand Canyon north rim is still open, it will depend on whether there was a major snow fall yet.  See more info here

You may be better off doing the south rim, coming from Page you would enter via the East gate. 

Here are my recommendations

Drive straight to Zion from Las.   (About 2.5 hours)there is a Walmart in hurricane Utah that is on the way if you need any supplies.   Stay in Springdale Sunday night.  So you have Sunday afternoon and Monday in Zion.  It will be too cold in the water for the narrows hike.  Definitely do angels landing if you want a challenging rewarding hike.  You can use the park shuttle system to see most of the canyon on Sunday and then do angels landing Monday morning. Drive to Bryce Monday before dark so you have a full day on Tuesday to do the queen’s garden- Navajo loop plus any other hikes and viewpoints that you want to do.  Drive to page az on Tuesday before dark (2.5 hours) and do lower antelope canyon and the horseshoe bend  on Wednesday morning.  (There is a Walmart in page if you need more supplies).    Drive to Grand Canyon south rim on Wednesday afternoon so you get both sunset and sunrise at the canyon.  I would do sunset on the rim trail wherever it’s convenient and sunrise at ooh ah point.  Try to get a room at the canyon it is definitely worth it especially for a trip like this. There are often last minute cancellations.  The drive back to Las Vegas is 4.5 hours.  If you have time you will want to eat a nice dinner after a week on the run. 

Some things to note-
Las Vegas is on pacific time, most of your itinerary is on mountain time. You will lose an hour on the drive to Zion and gain an hour on the way back to Las Vegas.  Your phones times may be wrong at times, if you have a watch use that to confirm what time it is.  Sunrise on the trip will be at about 7 and sunset around 5.

For  sunset when sightseeing you want to be there approximately an hour before to watch the changing colors in the cloud reflections. 

Some of the drives seem long but the scenery along the way is beautiful in many places.  Don’t look at this as just “traveling time”

If you somehow have extra time traveling from Bryce to page then you can stop at Wirepass canyon between kanab and page for a nice hike but this will add an hour of traveling time besides the actual hike.  A much shorter diversion is the “toadstools” hike. 

If you have extra time in page you can do some kayaking on lake Powell- make sure it is not too windy though.  I kayaked antelope canyon (very diff area than the antelope canyon “hike”) and found it beautiful and peaceful.

November 12, 2019, 02:03:16 AM
Re: South Florida Master Thread
If I show up to FLL with a car that is supposed to go back to Mia, will I get charged a one way fee?
you can end up with a very hefty fee.  Don't do this without calling to adjust your contract first.

January 14, 2021, 12:22:02 PM
Re: Tragedy In Meron! @Dan It would be nice if we could get the ball rolling on klal Yisroel jointly learning 45 million mishnayos lzn.  To be finished by lag bomer next year.  I don’t know where to start with this Because I don’t have the technological skills. I think we can get it done.  Let’s start when we still have all of klal Yisroel looking to do something constructive. 

May 02, 2021, 09:22:36 AM