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Why don't you change it to show what AF shows? This way it would be more accurate.

Because we don't scrape data from the Air France website.

Up In The Air / Re: - Master Information and Updates Thread
« on: September 30, 2017, 09:35:40 PM »
My question is why is EF even worse than DL?

We show the same published data DL does, it's not "worse". If you want to give us a specific example, please email us directly.

Up In The Air / Re: - Master Information and Updates Thread
« on: September 28, 2017, 11:28:56 AM »
are there any free alternatives out there to be notified of seat availability?

Ef more or less is not free anymore, can only do a couple searches before being blocked.

You can do more than a couple on the Free account, the count resets every 24 hours. Also if your goal is to setup a Seat Alert, you only need 1 seat map search to set that up. If you need help with a specific flight please email us directly at customercare@

ITA is for revenue flights. EF can search award seats.

In addition, here is the full feature set of ExpertFlyer, you'll notice many searches and features that are unique:

@ExpertFlyer Voice

Can you explain?

Did you run an Award & Upgrade search? If so you will see the message "The date specified is before the minimum date supported by the airline. Please specify another date." LH award data isn't available within 4 days of the flight.

If you have further customer support questions please email directly, thanks.

You can also create alerts from the Flight Availability results as well as the Create New Flight Alert page.

OK, is there an easier way to set up alerts for an entire day?

Do a general Flight Availability search, which will return all the flights, up to 12 per request, and then create the alert from there (you can enter any class in the class field of the create alert popup).

This does not work. For example search for LAX-JFK aug 20th AA economy milesaver and leave it at 12:00am you only see the 6am and 7am options (with no availability) then I change to 4pm and i see options around that time...very frustrating

It works correctly. Did you read the Help for that page, the AA section?
Sometimes American will return just two flights where the requested award seat availability is zero on both flights, even when there are later non-stop/direct flights scheduled. This is American's way of indicating that none of the later flights have available inventory for the request class either.

Since there are 19 pages none of which I read I don't know if it was discussed but it's very frustrating that you have to search a specific hour of the day and can't see all flights on a certain date. Is there a way around that that I'm missing?

If you leave the time of day at the default 12:00AM you get flights starting at the beginning of the day, you are not required to specify anything different.

"All" depends on the search/airline you are doing. Some airlines don't publish flights without award availability if you are referring to the award search. Others like AA show a couple with 0 and then no more, indicating they are all 0. The Help link on the A&U results page explains this.  If you are referring to Flight Availability, we show what the reservation system returns to us, which can be a max of 12 flight segments.

What fare class would I need to search for to find HA coach partner availability?

HA doesn't publish their partner award availability, that's why it's not listed as an available searching option.

How often does the system check?
Nonetheless, someone must have had an alert for the same flight as me because I checked within 10 minutes.

Sorry, I didn't mean that your system is slow. I meant to say that technically it is slow - probably because it only checks every hour or so, otherwise I have no other explanation but a lot of times Im waiting for inventory to open up - and I keep on checking for availability on my own as well and sometimes I see that specific fare class opens up andd it takes a while for EF to send that email out...

I really enjoy my EF subscription and Im not looking to criticize - just stating my experience.

You're talking about two different things. Yehuda was referring to the time between when he was notified about the availability and when he was able to act on it (which isn't affected by how often our system checks). You are referring to the time between inventory opening up and ExpertFlyer seeing it and sending out the notification (which is affected by how often our system checks).

As stated previously, the system checks alerts several times a day at minimum, more so as the date of the flight gets closer. Many times inventory that becomes available is immediately taken by the airline because of reassignments or waiting lists, which would cause the seat that was available 10 minutes ago not to be available now, especially if it's within a few days of departure.

They are really slllooowwwww. You have to keep on checking for real time availability.

The alerts are not slow, we email you at the same time that the system finds the availability during a check. As long as you respond to the alert within a reasonable time the seat should still be available.

Up In The Air / Re: - Master Information and Updates Thread
« on: November 10, 2014, 08:31:42 PM »
Also, one we have your attention, Mr. ExpertFlyer, I'd love to get your professional opinion on this:

Yes, I know it's a GDS issue, and not EF's fault... but if you have any insight on the matter, or perhaps any tips on how to work around the problem so that EF alerts can still be useful for TK, I'd be much obliged. And if not... perhaps consider at least adding TK to the "not supported" list. :P

Please email us with specific search examples. TK has not been an issue and it may be a case of them holding back on partner award inventory. The same class codes would not be used for the saver vs standard award availability, it's likely a typo.

Up In The Air / Re: - Master Information and Updates Thread
« on: November 10, 2014, 07:28:49 PM »
Why does EF still not support CX awards? Being able to set alerts for CX would be reeeeeeealy useful...

Because CX still doesn't make that information public.

Up In The Air / Re: - Master Information and Updates Thread
« on: November 10, 2014, 02:54:14 PM »

EF doesn't search for award availability on United, I am looking to fly from NYC to Hawaii in the summer and was wondering if there are any services that can access UA availability.

Only airline websites (such as and Star partners such as, Aeroplan and Life Miles) have that data. ANX scrapes the airline websites.

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