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So you're saying to stop asking so many questions?

Again you gotta use the DDF promo.

Huh? Promo?

Does the T&C say that it must be for business-related purposes, or could I put in a memo saying something like paying you back for the groceries etc.?

So I could do 1k payments to the same account every month and it still wouldn't have a red flag?

I did some HUCA and everyone says you can't talk to a supervisor. However, one guy gave me the link to the feedback department, and I gotta fax/mail in a complaint.  >:(

Has anyone tried to reload their Vanilla reload and gotten an error when checking out.
I called that number, got through, and they said there is nothing they can do as the system can't verify me, and it won't even give a reason! And "there's no higher-ups to talk to because everyone else gets the same message on their screen!  :(  This happen to anyone else? Anyone have any other recommendations?

I tried calling several times, and I go through the options for someone who doesn't have card number (lost,stolen or don't yet have a card), and it tells me to call a different number if my card was stolen, and then hangs up on me :(

Apparently I can't. This is what I got after putting all the info:
Thank you for
choosing Bluebird.
Sorry, but we are unable to verify your information and cannot approve you for an Account at this time. If you feel that this was caused in error, please contact us by calling Customer Service at 1-877-486-5990.

Without any credit history, would I get approved for a bluebird?

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