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Get Diamond status before applying and you'll get 2 free suite nights.

How do I do this?


I'm looking to go to Hawaii over the summer. I would like to fly from NYC to Honolulu on 7/30, then go 8/4 to Kaui, and have my wife fly JFK to Kaui that day. We'd both leave from Kaui to JFK (if possible) on 8/8 (as late as possible). Coach class. Flights all seem to be over $1000 now and would love to pay under $800 if that's possible. Do prices go down as it gets closer?


Hi All,

Just wanted to confirm before signing up for the card. I am planning on going to Hawaii this summer. This card will get me 2 free nights, and automatic diamond status, but those 2 nights cannot be turned into suite nights? What about nights booked with Chase Ultimate points?


Ink will earn more signup points than Sapphire.
And never cancel...leverage.  But this is the wrong thread for this discussion.

Alright, I'll try to find that thread somewhere later. But do you agree with getting the Sapphire or Ink for Hyatt points? What do you think I should do about the Hyatt card? Get it for the free nights and cancel (or leverage) or keep the card and pay or negotiate the annual fee?

4) You could downgrade them but if you cancel you can sign up again later.

 Why you nervous about cancelling?

Not sure. I don't like signing up for credit cards and/or cancelling them. I try to keep it simple. Sapphire seems simple; Hyatt card seems less so. If the benefits are that good, I'll consider it. But it seems like the Sapphire is a no brainer?

Even though you addressed your question solely to Dan, I though I might be able to provide some insight.

Thank you.

Yes, getting the the Sapphire Preferred's 40k will help you, as they transfer instantly to Hyatt Gold Passport (HGP).

Each night at the Grand Hyatt Kauai is 22,000 HGP (it's a cat. 6).

Great. Do I need anything else to use HGP points or it works as is with the Sapphire?

If you're going to sign up for the Chase Hyatt CC, it's recommended that you apply as a Diamond member to get the two nights in a suite, plus 4 suite upgrades. You can apply as a diamond member after matching from other hotel statuses, e.g. Hilton Gold, SPG Plat, etc.

Is Diamond also free first year? What does that mean practically - I can get 2 free suite nights and then upgrade the next four "paid" nights to a suite even if they were bought with points?

If you can do that, it'd be worth it to get it, IMO.

Thanks again. I'm just nervous about cancelling. My understanding (tell me if I'm wrong) is that the Sapphire can be downgraded to the regular with no fee, and no need to cancel.


Hey Dan,

Long time fan. Planning a trip to Hawaii for a conference I have in the summer, and just finished all 26 pgs of the thread. Thanks for the help. I am not so advanced so I wanted your input (in addition to what I have read) about planning, beginning with flights and hotels. My plan is to go to Honolulu/Oahu for Wed-Sun of the conference, and then spend Sun-Thurs in Kaui or Maui, probably Kaui based on what I have read.

I have 40,000+ SPGs points which seem not very helpful with level 5+ hotels in Hawaii and flights being more miles. A friend recommended getting Chase Sapphire and adding the 40,000 free points to my 30,000+ UR points. Does that help me at your highly recommended GH Kaui? How do you get a suite upgrade? Is it worth it to get the Hyatt card just for this?

I have follow-ups but will start with this. Please advise.

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