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Just Shmooze / Re: NBA Master Thread
« on: August 19, 2020, 12:00:30 AM »
Did the playoffs start?  :-[

Question: why does your bashing of Jewish values of modesty not amount to bigotry?
Was not bashing but it all fairness I see your point and should not have used hair as an example.

How is purple hair independent?
Make it any color you want, honey. Just don't be seen in public with it.  :P

Hey I feel bad for @Dan and @jj1000 and all the people that have this thread on ignore, theyre missing out on all the fun tonight!
There will be more opportunities.

If you stereotyped, then it's fair. I don't answer for the others and their opinion of you. This isn't the first time I've called you out for stereotyping, and I've accused you of having a double standard more than once. You don't have to like my opinion, but that doesn't make it unfair.
...and you saying it is fair doesn't make it so.

No one said they can't be seen in public. But you setting publicity as the bar for determining a person's virtues is telling. You talk a lot about needing to be open minded, but when it comes to the values of the Orthodox Jewish communities, you take a massive dump on your own ethos. You don't get to set the standard by which other people determine virtue. You talk a good game about being a centrist, and maybe you are fiscally conservative, but when it comes to social values, you're out there hugging the left field foul pole.
Honey I am independent and I am going to color my hair purple. That is great as long as you are not seen in public.  ::)

Why isn't it fair for 3 different people to have 3 different opinions on things you said about 2 different topics? We're not all synonymous.
You can all have different opinions. When you attack with bigot, ignorance or stereotyping just because I have a different view then that is not fair.

Now who's twisting words... I specifically said that I am NOT saying she weak. My point was that she had a choice, and the decision she made does not make her strong and more than it makes her weak. It's not a virtue. It's just a choice. She very well may be strong, but not having kids in favor of a career isn't the definition of strong in my opinion.
You claim not doing it with kids is taking the easy way out. That statement is pure ignorance. I didn't twist anything.
Why is she strong if she takes the easy way out and decides not to do it with kids?

Why does there need to be a place to see them?
So they can be strong and independent but as long as they are not seen in public. I wonder why that is, NOT!!!
Are they animals in a zoo?
Why would you call them animals.  >:( >:( >:(

Why is his definition better?
So if I use my definition that's wrong. I use another members and that's wrong.  ::)

Not sure how it makes someone strong and independent by fitting your definition of it. Doesn't sound very independent.
I used another members definition.

Where would you have seen them when you were here
That's my question. Where would I see them.
In Brooklyn I went to 770 and didn't see any.  :)

Lakewood is one, but they may not be doing politics. You probably wouldn't see it because they are strong and independent enough not to feel the need to show it off.
So these women are just show offs?
I been to Lakewood. They must of been taking care of the kids at that time.  :)

Strong and independent means one who stands up against popular and convenient groupthink. Not sure how/why KH fits that.

Here's a brave black woman... Strong and independent too.
Ok this member posted a brave, strong and independent women. Where do I go in the Jewish community to see something even close to this?  :)

So now you are comparing us to aliens?
I wasn't but since you brought it up ...  :)

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