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Amazon gold box:  Vanguard 10x42 Binocular with ED Glass (Black) for $209.99, all other sellers on amazon as well as B&H Photo have it for 349.99 so it may be a good deal for someone looking for a binocular.
Plus add $50 mail in rebate

I have to transfer soon a few 100,000 Amex to BA,  I would really wonna get a bonus, can anyone predict when the next Amex BA transfer is coming up?

Credit Cards / Need to meet a spending threshold? Paypal my cash cards
« on: September 03, 2013, 09:33:36 PM »
A friend of mine told me today that you can buy a card called Paypal my cash card in some pharmacy's, then on your Paypal account there is a option to link a my cash account to your Paypal account, from there you can transfer the money from your my cash account to your Paypal account and then you take out the cash from Paypal and all that with no fees (besides the $3.95 when buying the card!!!!! you can buy them in CVS and in Rite Aid as well.  anyone heard of this? experience?

Like lots of other people I always had a hard time getting the third card of a Chase 3bm approved, but here is what happennd last week.
my wife applied for the Sapphire card in a Chase branch got instantly approved, a few hours later we did a 2bm for BA and UA from home both were pending so she called reconsideration right away and they approved her for both cards in one phone call, here is the beauty the rep didnt see the application of the just approved Sapphire in the system!! maybe when doing a AOR this is not a good idea but when you wonna do just a Chase 3bm maybe this is the trick.... applying for the first one in the branch, then do a 2bm, call in reconsideration and they will not see your first approved card.
Of course YMMV however it worked for me so it does not hurt to try.
Good luck!!

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