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Up In The Air / Re: EL AL
« Last post by drosenberg88429 on Today at 05:22:44 PM »
Do the passengers self select LY or does the LY crew fail to deescalate?

Is fail to deescalate a fancy way of saying escalating due to pre-existing bias? They're often looking to pick a fight.
COVID-19 Discussion Board / Re: Dropping Antibody Levels
« Last post by drosenberg88429 on Today at 05:21:06 PM »
There was no known exposure.

If she lived in Brooklyn or a chareidi area in Israel, there was almost guaranteed exposure.
Just Shmooze / Re: Mass Exodus From Liberal States
« Last post by Lurker on Today at 05:21:02 PM »
Honestly this is what will result in America almost exclusively electing left-leaning individuals.

It will make the divide between red and blue states much greater.
Just Shmooze / Re: Best Mustard
« Last post by Lurker on Today at 05:18:13 PM »
Just Shmooze / Re: Best Mustard
« Last post by Dan on Today at 05:14:44 PM »
I'm a fan of Gulden's spicy brown, but haven't heard of any other good tasting mustards, but also definitely - no yellow mustard or ketchup.
Would like to try others if I can find them nearby.
Try the ones in the OP and post your thoughts :)
Just Shmooze / Re: Trump Vs Biden, Debates 2020
« Last post by PlatinumGuy on Today at 05:11:34 PM »
Is the section relevant or not?
Sure. Don’t accuse NPR of not publishing news when the WSJ itself doesn’t consider it news, and for good reason - as I posted earlier it’s completely bogus. There was no business actually done in China and there is no record that Joe Biden was involved - only the ‘understanding’ of a failed partner
COVID-19 Discussion Board / Re: RIP/BDE Master Thread - COVID-19 related
« Last post by yuneeq on Today at 05:10:12 PM »
Had COVID did not die from COVID. That's the problem with all of these "COVID" deaths

Wrong thread for politically motivated fake news. Glad to discuss elsewhere.
General Discussion / Re: Skydiving
« Last post by KSMH on Today at 05:01:17 PM »
The thing about skydiving is that if your chute doesnt open, ur just going to die on impact i'd imagine so there wouldn't even be any pain. just say Shma
Actually, many survive a chute fail.
General Discussion / Re: Bird Feeders and Backyard Critters
« Last post by good sam on Today at 04:58:50 PM »
Species #30: Red-breasted Nuthatch. According to the allaboutbirds migration map, lower NY is right on the line between breeding and non-breeding so I guess spotting it mid-fall makes perfect sense.

My kids have gotten so good at IDing new species. We have white-breasted nuthaches all the time, and today my son comes running in screaming "we have a new bird!!"
Need to figure out how to take better pics with a galaxy s20
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