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Destination Guides And Trip Planning / Re: Cleveland Master Thread
« Last post by as2 on Today at 12:05:25 PM »
Yeah the NFL is so unpredictable with the Pat's only going to 4 out of 5 superbowls.
After NBA, comes NFL on my list. Not a big NFL guy either. I'll watch or listen a bit if the bears are contenders, but I wouldn't call myself a fan. Although, I haven't heard anyone ranting about the NFL the way they do about the NBA.
Destination Guides And Trip Planning / Re: Costa Rica Master Thread
« Last post by Jm1248 on Today at 12:05:06 PM »
I also see a lot of people stressing over phone service. I honestly don't recall what I did the last time I went to Costa Rica, but I just called Verizon and was told that for $10/day I can use "travelpass" which gives me access to unlimited talk, text, and data while in Costa Rica. No need to deal with any SIM cards or anything like that
Destination Guides And Trip Planning / Re: Cleveland Master Thread
« Last post by shaulyaakov on Today at 12:03:42 PM »
Lol I never followed basketball, and likely never will. Of the big 4, basketball was the only one I really never cared about. I've followed the cubs since I was 5 years old, so I know a thing or 2 about following a team going through a rough time, and I stuck with them. I've just been hearing many many people who are sick and tired of the NBA and its predictability.
Yeah the NFL is so unpredictable with the Pat's only going to 4 out of 5 superbowls.
Goods For Sale/Trade / Re: Marriott gift card
« Last post by ayman on Today at 12:03:33 PM »
Buying GC at 82%
Just Shmooze / Re: Interesting Articles...
« Last post by ExGingi on Today at 12:01:55 PM »
2. I think you missed my point. The fact that BD chose to use a bipedal design and deal with the associated balance issues for a robot that needs to work in a human environment shows that there is merit to the argument that it's not just a gimmick.

Maybe, but not necessarily. The balancing and maneuvering of the BD Handle might be similar to that of a Segway or a hoverboard. Climbing steps, curbs and other uneven terrain is a different ballgame. I would imagine that a design closer to what's seen in stair climbing wheelchairs might be more practical.
Any ideas for a place to stay one night in Northwest Israel. I'm planning a 2-3 day northern trip and starting on the west coast. I'd like to stay somewhere in Haifa or points north but really don't want to pay $200+ a night for a room that sleeps 3. We're 6 so we need 2 rooms and it looks like most hotels are at around $450+ for the two rooms.

Also, any religious issues visiting the Bahai gardens? I've heard it's ok as you don't go into any shrines.

Lastly, any recommendations for good (easy to moderate) hikes in the northwest? I'm thinking something on Mt. Carmel near Haifa makes sense. Looking for a hike with nice views and water is a bonus, though I can get the water when we head to the Golan.

Also planning a trip and looking for similar recommendations. What hikes are you considering in the Golan?
If they like getting dirty and digging then yes. I went 4 years ago with kids 13, 9 and 7. They all really liked it.

Agree - kids really enjoy it.
Credit Cards / Re: Points/Miles Values NO BUYING/SELLING ALLOWED
« Last post by Mordyk on Today at 11:59:33 AM »
 Going rate for jetblue?
On The Road / Re: Geting To Meron
« Last post by jose34 on Today at 11:56:02 AM »
Took 8 AM Train from J-lem got to Meron 11:30.

Back: Left Meron 1, got back to J-lem at 5.

I think the train is potentially longer but definitely better, comfortable more relaxed option.
Felt like as was actually able to enjoy Meron instead of being sick and hot from the bus.
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