Author Topic: More Chase travel by expedia issues  (Read 270 times)

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More Chase travel by expedia issues
« on: January 28, 2019, 08:46:29 AM »
I posted this earlier on ddf, curious to hear if what I am asking for makes sense.

Here is what happened -
I booked a flight for a family member through the chase portal, I needed to make a change to the itinerary, called chase who told me I need to speak directly with Expedia, they transfer me to Expedia, I speak with an agent change the booking, PAYed a $211 change fee, my relative shows up at the airport and the ariline claims she is not ticketed and was a no show to the first flight, deny her boarding and refuse to reissue a ticket. Now I have a screenshot FROM the airline`s website with a ticket number! Airline still claims that they can't help since it's not ticketed. Expedia amazingly claims I need to speak with chase despite the fact they made the change and charged for it on the reservation. Chase claims I need to speak with Expedia. What I am left with is a missed flight a change fee and no one who is willing to help. So mad, what can I do? (today's flight was already missed). I now see the change fee was taken off, even though it initially appeared on the account, which obviously doesn't help me. To top it off spent an hour and a half being passed around by Chase travel agents who conceded there was an "agent error" but ddn't know/didn't want to help with anything, after I was hung up on at 1:28 I filed this complaint with the BBB

A flight booked with Chase Travel was changed and confirmed by Expedia (where Chase travel directed me to), in reality did not ticket and denied board Nov. 20 - Booked with Chase Travel with Ultimate Rewards points a Round Trip flight. NYC-TLV Jan 21 - outbound, Feb. 7 Inbound. Jan 21. Needed to change the flight, called Chase Travel who claimed I could only make a change with Expedia even though I had booked through the Chase travel portal. I spoke at length to an Expedia representative who changed the outbound flight to Jan. 27th confirmed for me a special meal and I took a screenshot from the airlines website of the new ticket. The cost of this change was $211 (despite the fact that I could not get to the airport for weather related issues). Jan 27. - arrive at airport to find out that the ticket was never confirmed and a reservation had been made but not ticketed. Spent a while showing the desk agents the screenshot they insisted that the there was no ticket in the system. I then spent an hour speaking with Expedia on the phone who claimed they could not get the reservation up, so could not help. Jan 28. Called Chase Travel spent an 1:28 on the phone (on top of the 5 hours wasted going to Airport). The reps told me that it was an agent error and that I now have airline credit for LOT for the cost of the ticket (~$750), I said that I needed a flight which they claimed they would help, was on hold for a while, got transfered a bunch of times where I needed to explain everything again, long story short no one was willing to help me and I wasted over 6 hours of my time (to think that a change cost me $200! but my time is not worth much to them). Was denied boarding and have credit to an airline I do not wish to fly. Basically they made a mistake in the booking and do not want to own up to it.

Your Desired Resolution:
I would like a full refund for the ticket price valued at ~$750, full refund of any change fees $211, difference of fare of newly purchased flight ~$250. Compensation of $500 for cost of transportation to airport and back and wasting my time.