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AsherO - Breathes for a living + manages a small insurance agency
Avid Reader - Food industry
AJK - Law. But also a churner. A law churner, if you will.
azhoopsfan - Lawyer.  Corporate and tax.
BAHayman - Software Engineer
BestWatchman - Yeshiva/Mashgiach
Businessmachine: Mergers & Acquisitions consulting
Bh101 - Accountant - Business Consultant
Chaim'l -Real Estate
Charles The Governor  - Closeouts dry goods and licensed sports goods
Columbiadorm - Healthcare
Dan - surf the web
Davidmal - Manufacture of Electronics & HT's Looking to find Marco Polo
DHalpern1- Finance
Drago - Actuary
eliteflyer - Law
Farmer joe - college for computer science
good sam - Lawyer
HelpMe - Day trader
Count Valentine - Night trader
Jakob - Moving Company
jong - Mergers & Acquisitions
joeb1 - Accountant
lcyitz - Yeshiva
kc1544 - Accountant
~King Lake~ - Architect
MikeOracle - Logistics management for warehousing services co
MarkS - Accountant
Marco Polo - Purchasing/Analyst for company that manages nursing homes. Accountant
mercaz1 - Lawyer
michael - Law Student
Mogro17- According to Chase: I run a small company that produces fabric trinkets for sale ;)
moish - analyst at jpl
Moses - wholesale phones and electronics
myb821 - Actuary
Name Changed - Ebay, Computers
Q274 - Kollel
Redbull3 - Digital Marketing
Rivky - Web designer
Sguitarist18 - Healthcare, Insurance
Simcha89 - Director of a inside sales department and a Buyer for a Medical Supplies company
Shmelly - ecommerce
Shimon - Manage Factories
Sammy82 Nursing Home admin
SkyGuy918 - Actuary
Steven - Dental School
Suave - UI/UX, Web/App Design & Development
thetobster12345- finance and technology management with a minor in spanish
Twin- credit cards
WhyAich - Travel Agent and studying Special Ed
whYME - Web development
YesItsMe - Click buttons on a keyboard that's wired to a computer
YudiG - Outreach/Kiruv....with an interest in finance (investments)
Yosef - Yeshiva
Yellow - taking premed classes
YSP- Insurance
zush12345 - Real Estate

FYI, the wiki is in alphabetical order, if you want to add yourself (or someone else) please help keeping the list neat. Ty!
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Author Topic: So what do you guys do for a living??  (Read 62995 times)

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Re: So what do you guys do for a living??
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IINM superflyer made an app, and many of us downloaded it in support. I may be wrong though. Also, it might be completely unrelated to this post.
Completely unrelated.