Author Topic: If You Could Ask Alaska Airlines Execs One Question, What Would It Be?  (Read 1418 times)

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When do they plan on enabling transferring hybird points to their airlines?  why have they not done so far?
Contracted with BOA
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Contracted with BOA
So point out how lucrative it would be for them to break that contract.

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BA ain't LH.

Only way to get it without YQ is probably if your account is in some Latin American country that doesn't allow YQ nonsense.

Is that why YQ is so much less ex TLV than from the US?  YQ from Den-TLV in First Class is $850 and only $250 from TLV-DEN and I never understood why.  Even with YQ, 80k AS for BA First is a solid redemption returning from TLV to the US.  Someone told me that the fees are way less if its a layover in LHR less than 2hrs (or some other amount of time).  I've never figured it out.