Author Topic: Should kids have a FFN when flying? Should you sign them up for one?  (Read 221 times)

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Found this to be a very informative article, surprised that @Dan never made such a post, definitely worthwhile spending some time to put out a post that way all  DD/DDF members can make use out of their miles as well as well as their kid's miles and like mentioned over there ba and JetBlue one can pool them (then again even when pooling there's the ups and then the Downs of doing that,like with ba limited to who you can book a ticket for if you have a household account.)
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People need info spoon feed. 

IMHO a basic article detailing a few FF options would be helpful to most readers, such as crediting to MS or A3.

I'm guessing there are many people flying to Israel with their family and have no idea they can get *gold. They don't need miles or PQD, they just want some free extra luggage....