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Multi city ticket
« on: June 26, 2019, 10:46:42 PM »
I could use some guidance regarding a multi city international ticket. I apologize in advance if this to basic a question for many of you who seem like such experts at finding extraordinary deals.
I am looking at San/lax to Tlv , Tlv to Jnb and Jnb to San. ( or reverse San /Jnb/Tlv/San). I would prefer business for any long haul segments. My travel dates are flexible but would prefer late December, but could go as early as early as late November. It seems to me options include West coast to east coast and then non stop Tlv or Jnb. Also west coast to European city then Tlv. I could do a combo of points and cash. I have Chase rewards, Aa rewards, Marriott points and Few Avios.
What is the best way to search this type of ticket. Is there an online service like Expert flyer that I could subscribe to? Thank you.