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Tips when renting with Hertz:

Hertz #1 Club Gold Plus Rewards Program
The Hertz Gold Plus Rewards® program is free and very beneficial. You can enroll Here

 A) After your first Hertz Gold Rental you do not need to go to the counter again (At locations that participate in Hertz Gold Service).
They will have your receipt preprinted (and waiting for you in the car at many airports), so you can just drive out!

 B) For every dollar you spend they credit you points on the base rate of the rental and sometimes they even have double or triple point promotions.
These points can be redeemed for free rental days starting at 550 points for a weekend day or 2750 for a week.

C) Earn Elite Status quickly. You'll reach Hertz Five Star after just 7 rentals which will get you a complimentary 1 car class upgrade if available.
At 20 Rentals you'll reach Hertz Presidents Circle with a guaranteed complimentary upgrade. Upgrades are to a maximum of a premium.
There are many other benefits. check them out Here.

 AAA gives up to 1000 hertz points as a signup bonus or you can signup here for a 500 point signup bonus.

A CDP is a corporate account number but is not limited to private companies as many sales are tied with designated CDPs.
To find  cheap rates try different CDP corporate numbers many can be found in this thread or in the Car Rental Corporate Code Roundup thread.
Most CDPs do not waive underage fees with the exception of USAA (77694) but may be subject to proof of membership, and the Yeshiva Group (2046380) both waive the fee down to 18 y/o and have very good rates. AAA may also waive underage fees if the renter is above 20 years old.

Other great codes are:

Yeshiva: 2129719 Waives underage 18-19

Amex Travel Services: 1022855

AAdvatange: 217692

LAMC 3 marketing: 1906870

Yeshiva Student Association: 1876837

Chabad: 1908469

CBS Travel :  1976539

AAA: There are multiple 212 and 240 are examples or you can just type in AAA in cdp and it will come up

Car & Driver: 1757580

There are many more but we haven't found them to be cheaper then these.

To get your own CDP
You can sign up HERE if you are a sole proprietor or business owner with fewer than 100 employees.
You'll get 5 bonus credits for enrolling, an additional 5 credits for enrolling online, plus double credit for all your qualified rentals during the first 90 days after you enroll.
Every 15 credits you earn 1 free rental, and you can get a discount of up to 25% off on every rental worldwide.
After you join, you'll receive an e-mail within 2 business days to with your company's Corporate Discount Program (CDP) number and all the details of the program. Link.

CV Codes

CV codes are ConVention codes and go in the "Convention Number (CV):" box.
"CV" codes are hit or miss they can give amazing rates better then any CDP or PC or they can leave the rate the same, and they also work in conjunction with any CDP and PC code.
It doesn't hurt to add it to a reservation and can pull up flat rates of $30 a day for a premium car.
This works especially well in places that are expensive and often lowers the price substantially especially in major cities like NYC, Los Angeles, Chicago and Miami.
Meeting rates generally include unlimited mileage. CV weekend rates start at 12pm thursday through 12pm sunday. Friday pick ups, require a minimum 2 day rental. Extra day rate for weekly rentals is 1/5th of the weekly rate.

PC Codes
PC codes are Promotional Coupons which vary from time to time and from rental to rental check HERE for a well kept list of the current valid codes and here for an alternate list (looks like the alternate list hasn't been updated for a while - most pc's are expired).

Other Useful Tips
Play with the dates and times:There are different rates for different times (high season - low season) so if you are flexible it may pay to check days before and after pick up. Generally weekends are cheaper than weekdays so if you pick up on a weekend it can lower your rate substantially just remember weekends start at 12pm on Thursday. Additionally sometimes an extra day on a weekly rate can be much more than the rate per day with the daily rate, try making the reservation only for the week and then extending it either at pick up or even during the rental.

Local Editions: Airport rentals are generally more expensive than Local Editions as there is airport fees and taxes. So look around ideally for Hertz locations in or at airport hotels that are accessible via the airport shuttle.

One way rentals:
When you are looking for a one way rental, every country and every corporate number will give a different price, usually its 1 of the following 3, either it will cost per mile or it will be unlimited miles with a drop fee or unlimited miles with no drop fee.
Look out it happens  sometimes the car you select they will charge $0.25 per mile while the next car class over will be unlimited miles with no drop fee, when it comes to one ways always look at all the car classes, I have seen many times a midsize SUV to be cheaper then a full size car.
Another thing to note is that certain locations in the same city will have a drop fee while others will not, for example to rent one way to NY, if you return to lynbrook NY there will always be a drop fee while if you return to brooklyn there is no drop fee and JFK will have a drop fee sometimes depending which country you use, sometimes it might be worth searching other pick up and other drop off locations nearby to get a totally different rate in a one way rental.

Many Hertz CDP's waive the underage fee in the usa - for example the Yeshiva association and USAA. Some countries do not waive underage.
UK 18-21 can not rent. 21-25 30GBP underage fee - no CDP's seem to waive atm.

Hertz Rate Matching
For most of the corporate locations in Europe, the UK and Australia it is sometimes possible to get Hertz to match their competitor's price so you can continue to earn points and status and enjoy their service.
Speak to your local Travel Agent.
Competitors Hertz will match.
Europe: Auto Europe, Avis, Enterprise, EuropCar, Kemwel, and Sixt
Australia and New Zealand: All

Get a status match real quick by messaging them on Twitter

Still not happy with your rates? Try posting here!

After you have rented please share you experience with others in the What did you reserve? What did you get? thread.

Coupon Spreadsheet
Alternate sheet Updated quite often:
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Author Topic: Hertz Master Thread  (Read 1583624 times)

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Re: Hertz Master Thread
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What can I expect in ewr pc lot these days?

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Re: Hertz Master Thread
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I noticed Hertz is offering Tesla. Can someone tell me if they give you a charger or what else will i need. Thanks

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Re: Hertz Master Thread
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I noticed Hertz is offering Tesla. Can someone tell me if they give you a charger or what else will i need. Thanks
Seen it online, but never available to book.

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Re: Hertz Master Thread
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If I choose pay now I can save $50 bucks, but I always use my platinum cdp which I added premium pertection and when I return the vehicle if all is good, I replace the cc so I don’t get hit with the fee. My question is can pay now also switch cards when returning? If not can use different card (not platinum) but being president circle still use platinum cdp?
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