Author Topic: Hyper Tough - Walmart's ultra affordable tools & accessory brand  (Read 197 times)

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So I came across this brand while looking around for a good tool kit for my summer home here in Monticello's Walmart. I was simply astonished by the low cost of these tools, I mean a 20 Volt lithium cordless drill for $22.95??

And look at these All-in-1 tool kits. 

 And yet still I didn't buy anything, because.. because it was too cheap.. Perhaps they are all just a piece of junk?? I know Home depot's own brand, Ryobi, makes very good tools, although not in that low price range at all,  But I wonder how is it with Walmart's own brand, and they have a lot of items under this name. Does anyone have experience with this brand? Of course just for the summer anything quite decent is good enough, but I would still want to hear more on this brand, I can make good use of this wide range of low cost tools.
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