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« on: September 11, 2019, 04:39:57 PM »
I’m not that good at writing, so I’ll keep it to bulleted points with ratings and short notes where applicable.

Background: Dan posted cheap flights to Paris in February 2018, so we grabbed some, even though the flights we booked were over 6 months in the future. I believe this is the only time I had flights booked more than a month in advance. We travelled in late August, and spent 4 days in Prague, 2 days in Nice and Monaco, and 4 days in Paris.

Method of Transport:
•   This was a short trip from Nice with a private tour (see my French Riviera trip report here)
•   Walking

•   The views- 5/5
  • Like the rest of the French Riviera, the views are absolutely breathtaking, but here its coupled with multi-million dollar yachts in the harbor…
•   Prince's Palace of Monaco- 3/5
  • There’s some nice art here, and an audio guide narrated by the prince with some history of the place.
•   The City- 4/5
  • We did a lot of strolling and window gawking. We felt too simple to even consider walking into most of the shops (had a similar feeling in Dubai…)
•   Casino Monte-Carlo- 5/5
  • This was an out of this world experience. Obviously, we were only allowed into the entrance hall, but that was something. We spent a good twenty minutes out front, just examining the cars😊 I’m not an aficionado so I couldn’t even name half of them, was fascinating to me is that 90% of the plates were from the Middle East meaning these people had either flown in their cars on their private jet, or had them shipped over for the evening on their yacht. We caught a glimpse of some Sheikh leaving with his harem.
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