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Savannah, GA
« on: November 02, 2019, 10:56:37 PM »
Iím not that good at writing, so Iíll keep it to bulleted points with ratings and short notes where applicable.
Background: Dan posted this awesome flight deal, so me and some friends decided to hop over to Savannah for the day.

  • JFK to SAV
  • SAV to JFK
  • We had an awful landing because of a storm raging in NY. We circled for about 40 minutes over JFK, as they werenít allowing the plains to land. After finally receiving the go-ahead, the plane dropped several times while landing, and the winds were horrendous. Probably one of the worst landings Iíve experienced.

Method of Transport:
  • Uber

  • Old Savannah Tours- 3/5
  • We hopped a cab over to their visitor center straight from the airport. We got $3 off each ticket via this coupon page. The city is beautiful, with a real southern charm, but the tour itself wasnít that enjoyable. Iíd say its one of those hit or miss things that depend on your driver and how funny he is.
  • River Street- 3/5
  • We hopped off at River Street. Iíve heard people rave about it, but I didnít find it that impressive. Just a bunch of store fronts facing the dirty river. We dropped by River Street Market Place which is full of kitchy stuff.
  • City Market- 3/5
  • This is basically a one-block pedestrian-only mall. Some bars, restaurants, and the Prohibition Museum, which was our next stop.
  • Prohibition Museum- 3/5
  • This museum is informative, and the guides stationed along the way are very knowledgeable, but Iím not too fond of museums that are made up of a bunch of posters and pictures, which is basically what it is. Thereís definitely a lot of cool facts to be uncovered here, and if you have an extra hour or so, do check it out. We got $1 off each ticket via this coupon page.
  • Captain Derekís Dolphin Adventure- 3/5
  • The boats depart from Tybee Island, and for $15/pp, Iíd say itís a decent experience. If youíve never been on a dolphin tour this is cool, but if youíve seen dolphins up close before, not so much. The 1st mate knew quite a bit about dolphins and their habitat, and dolphins were constantly breaching, but they stayed a good 20ft away from the boat, so this is not the kind of experience we you get to see it up close and personal. Here's a link to their site.
  • Fort Pulaski National Monument- 4/5
  • We were looking for another half an hour to kill before we needed to head to the airport- not enough time to tour the mansions in town, but too much to waste sitting on a park bench in the heat. We headed to Fort Pulaski National Monument, as it is only 5 minutes from Tybee Island. (It might also have something to do with the sense of satisfaction I got in using my America the Beautiful Pass one last time before it expired at midnight- it wouldíve cost us $30 to enter the monument, and here we got to explore it for free😊). Turns out it was a good choice. The Fort grounds are beautiful, with several moats, well kept lawns, and a stunning view of the sea. The fort itself also has some interesting history, and you can view the living quarters of the soldiers and officers as well.
There is a Reform Temple in Savannah, Congregation Mickve Israel- I believe itís the 3rd oldest shul in the US- but we didnít visit. We were told that youíre specifically makpid not to enter reform temples. In Europe I did visit, but here I got a specific psak so I decided to go with it.