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Charlotte, NC
« on: November 24, 2019, 02:02:16 PM »
Iím not that good at writing, so Iíll keep it to bulleted points with ratings and short notes where applicable.

Background: Iím trying to visit every National Park in the USA. This was a trip in November 2019 that started off with Congaree National Park in SC. I spent 3 more days in the region visiting Charlotte, NC (1 day), and Charleston, SC (2 days).

  • CAE to CLT on AA
  • Ticket purchased with AA GC redeemed via Annual Amex Travel Credit
  • CLT to CHS on AA
  • Tickets were originally about $420, so I booked with BA for 7,500 Avios+$5.60. When the price dropped below $130, I cancelled the BA ticket, and booked it on Cheapoair, applying a $50 GC I had previously earned. (I would never book with them otherwise. Hateful company, horrible customer service, and they charge a booking fee)
  • I visited the MinuteSuites lounge, part of the PriortyPass network, at CLT when I had some time to spare before my flight thanks to TSA PreCheck. Loved it. You get a suite with a bed/sofa, pillows, blankets, a TV, and a desktop computer. They also have a mini bar, but Iím pretty certain itís not complimentary. They also have showers for a fee. Perfect way to relax before my flight after having been on my feet most of the day.

  • Hyatt House Charlotte/ Center City- 5/5
  • I chose this hotel for two reasons. #1, Iím working towards status via this promotion, and #2, because it is centrally located. I was really happy with my choice. The customer service was great, and I had no complaints.
  • A few days before my stay, I emailed the manager requesting kosher breakfast. He wasnít sure exactly what that entailed and asked for my assistance. I supplied him with the info for, and he promised heíd look into it. Two days later he informed me that he couldnít get the items delivered, and that it didnít make sense to have his staff pick up the food because of the distance. Iím still not sure exactly what the issue was, as Kosher Charlotte delivers, but when I informed him that I had placed an order, he offered to reimburse me for the cost of my meal, or 2,500 points. Definitely taught me a lesson: always ask for kosher breakfast. If they canít supply it, maybe youíll end up with some points insteadÖ

Method of Transport:
  • Uber
  • The city is very walkable. I only used Uber to and from the airport, as well as to some stuff I wanted to see farther out of town.
  • Kosher Charlotte
  • Great service! I ended up ordering a little late, but the Rabbi was really helpful.

  • Historic Rosedale Plantation- 2/5
  • I was very disappointed with my experience here. I knew in advance that there were no house tours available on the day of my visit, but the grounds were an embarrassment. Not well maintained and taken care of at all. (and to think that Google Mapsí description of the place is ďlush gardensĒ- nothing lush about it. Barely gardens).
  • The Charlotte Museum of History- 3/5
  • The museum itself is not that interesting, but the house tour was incredible! Iím not recommending that you should visit Charlotte for this, but if youíre in the area definitely check it out. They claim that the original owner of the plantation drafted and signed what they call the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence about a year before the official Declaration of Independence was signed.
  • Wells Fargo Museum- 4/5
  • This is a small but interesting museum. I wasn't expecting much because the entrance fee is free (maybe thatís why 4/5?), but I was pleasantly surprised. Cool stuff on banking, the Carolina gold rush, and Wells Fargo in general.

Other activities:
  • Liberty Walk
  • The Green
  • Queen City Tour Rides- 3/5
  • Seventh Street Public Market

I think if youíre looking to waste a day, there are much better options out there than Charlotte. This is the first city Iíve ever visited that I donít see a reason to return to.

Next stop: Charleston, SC.
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