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Ticket to Ride
« on: November 27, 2019, 04:15:13 AM »
I've found a store in Poland that sells the Expansion Maps cheaply. The Expansions rarely go on sale in the US
They charge 20 zloty ($5) + 20 zloty per item for shipping to the US, and 20 zloty plus 12 zloty for shipping to Israel, so the deals are better if you're shipping to Israel.
The prices include VAT, so if your shipping out of the EU, you can get the 23% VAT refunded. (I noticed that VAT was included after i ordered, emailed them, and they said to contact them after its delivered and they'll refund the VAT). The VAT refund more than covers the cost of shipping to Israel.
The Boxes and instructions are in Polish, the board and cards are the same as the English Version. English instructions can be downloaded from the Days of wonder site.

All the maps can be found @
Use chrome to translate the whole page

Currently the germany map is listed at 90.59 zloty ($23). on amazon its $46 plus tax
Rails and Sails is 215 zloty ($55) on Amazon $66
Asia 122zl ($31) on Amazon $69
India/Switzerland 95zl ($24) on Amazon $30
Netherlands 91zl ($23) on Amazon $20
Africa 97zl ($25) on Amazon $30
UK/Pennsylvania 117zl ($30) on Amazon $38
France/Old West  131zloty ($33.5) on Amazon $35
Poland - only available in Poland 75zl ($19)
Japan and Italy 116zl ($30) on Amazon $40+13 shipping - Not Available in theUS till Jan 31 2020
Nordic  137 ($35) on Amazon $38

Remember orders to Israel over $75 (about 292 zloty, get charged 17%VAT in the Post Office in Israel.
Shipping to Israel Takes about 3 weeks.