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When reporting a new offer please post here

To take advantage of an Amex offer, first save the offer to your card, then do the spending. There are a few ways to save offers to your card; has links to most of them. Depending on the offer and depending on your Amex card, it may be available via none, one or more than one of these methods: web site
Log into the web site. If you get the new version of the site, scroll down to Amex Offers & Benefits at the bottom of the page. If you get the old version, click the Amex Offers For You tab. You can also see on this web site which offers you already saved (even if you saved them via a method other than this web site) and which offers you already redeemed. This method is only available for Amex credit and charge cards issued by American Express.
The maximum number of offer that the site will show you is 100. If you already have 100 available offers, there may be other offers that they are prepared to show you, but are not showing you because you already have the maximum. To see additional offers, save one or more of your available offers and then refresh the list (F5 in most Windows browsers).

Saving an offer on to one of your cards will automatically make it unavailable for the rest of your cards linked to the same login. The way to get around this is by opening all of your cards in separate tabs and then saving the offer in each.  **

**Sign into different tabs?!?
Sign onto your Amex account. card #1 is on the page.  scroll to offers. note a good one. 
Open  tab 2: (or with Chrome, right click on the first tab and choose Duplicate) > you are already logged in.> go to my accounts > click on card #2  on the top of the page. scroll to offers. check for same good offer. 
Open tab #3. repeat as for tab #2. Repeat as necessary.
THEN: on tab #1 - click 'save' .  Then on tab #2 click 'save' . Then on each tab.
If you so desire: check on each card's 'saved offers' to check that it's there.

This link should take you to the Amex old layout,
which is much easier to scroll down through all the offers.

Amex® Mobile app
This method is only available for Amex credit and charge cards issued by American Express. The login is the same as for the web site.

Dedicated web site for enrollment
Some Amex offers, most notably Small Business Saturday, but also NYC Restaurant Week, Home Depot, Amazon and DirecTV, offer a dedicated web site where you could enter your card information to enroll.

For Bluebird/Serve cards
Amex offers can be saved via the web site. Go to Plan & Manage > Amex Offers. Amex offers can also be saved via the Bluebird mobile app.

For cards not issued by American Express (such as Amex cards issued by Citi, USAA, PenFed, Bank of America, etc.)
Add offers to your card at this site:
You will be prompted for your name, card number and email address.
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Author Topic: Amex Offers Discussion Thread  (Read 2446299 times)

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Re: Amex Offers Discussion Thread
« Reply #15060 on: January 13, 2022, 12:21:27 AM »
anyone ever used this, reliable ?

theyre offering $35 for $50 saks gc, have a big stash of them courtesy of amex....

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Re: Amex Offers Discussion Thread
« Reply #15061 on: January 13, 2022, 01:16:12 PM »
In what form did the VZW GCs come? I bought at end of December and still haven't received anything(of which I'm aware)...
Physical cards, shipped with Fedex. Mine came withing 3-5 business days.