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Trump walks in a room.

1. Moshe123 shoots at him because he is pure evil, 2. ilherman+hachover jump in front of the bullets because Trump is our savior. 3. aygart tackles Moshe123 because Trump is better than HRC, 4. but Baruch can't stand Trump so he tells aygart he's crazy and Trump is a madman. 5. ExGingi would like to point out that who cares what he is, all that matters is the supreme court nominations. 6. Dan and others aren't really sure how this makes them feel plus they don't really want to drink poison. 7. Spoiler alert: Moshe123's gun was empty, it was just a blank.

And Freddie is in the back of the room just cooking his cholent. Until he announces that there are TWO menu choices, Pareve Cholent or Vegetable Lasagna. While etech0 figured out that they are both poisoned.

Repeat x100.

And then Hilary walks into the room with the most confidence a candidate has had in recent history. She is so confident that she eats both the Pareve Cholent and Vegetable Lasagna. Everyone is the room is aghast, they don't know how this happened, could it be Comey is behind this poisoning or was it that her Obamacare premiums were to high to get her the help she needed.

Everyone stared as she choked and was cast into oblivion on November, 8, 2016 the last day she was heard from in the public eye.

Moshe123, ilherman, hachover, Baruch, ExGingi, Dan, Freddie, etech0, and the rest of America are in total shock and hope that so long as Trump doesn't eat any Pareve Cholent and Vegetable Lasagna and stays true to his supreme court nominees this may be the greatest thing to happen since the CSR and GC's.

But remember this may be the beginning of the end...

P.S. Thanks to cognitive dissonance aygart, Michael Moore, and Scott Adams knew the whole time that Trump could win, unfortunately for JTZ he may be off DDF for the next 4 years due to his mandatory 3 times daily consumption of CROW!

Sub notes:

Nov 8 : Time to edit the wiki. Biggest upset in American History according to Michael Isikoff.
All Political Ads -

As things turns out, the most prescient view on this election was that of Michael Moore! Though Scott Adams is also claiming a high view level of prescience.


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Re: US Politics/2016 Election Pick Your Poison Master Thread
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Savvy businessman or ruthless conman

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