Author Topic: How I got my 6 free Xbox's from Microsoft  (Read 540 times)

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How I got my 6 free Xbox's from Microsoft
« on: December 22, 2011, 02:08:58 AM »
I made 10 orders of 3 Xbox's on black Friday from Microsoft for $200 a piece. All 30 were shipped. Then an extra 3 arrive at my house. My first reaction was oh great they charged me for an extra order now I have to go check over all 10 of my credit cards to see which one was charged twice. After looking over the 10 bills I started getting pretty excited being that I was only charged for 30 and now I have 33. But wait it gets better. I was actually ordering all of these for 2 friends of mine who are sellers on amazon. Being a noob at online mass ordering, while placing the 10 orders I accidentally sent 3 of the orders to a wrong address which doesn't exist. So 2 of them were delivered and signed by a frum yid who called me up and held them for me till one of the sellers picked them up. The other order never came and was sent back to Microsoft. So I looked into all of the shipping information, which is when I realized that actually 2 of my orders were sent back. Meaning unbeknownst to me 1 of the 2 orders that did come was in fact a free! So for who ever is still following that means I received 6 free Xbox's. Now here is the sweet part to seal the deal. I called Microsoft to reorder the 6 Xbox's that never came. The csr was very kind and apologized for sending them to the wrong address, she continued to explain that she would have to cancel the charges for those 2 orders and place 2 new ones for the same price of $200. Oh btw Microsoft has a promotion now that anyone who buys an Xbox 360 will receive a $100 GC with every system :) That is  total of $2,400. THANK YOU MICROSOFT!!!

Here is the email they sent me today:

Dear jj1000,

In the process of ensuring we shipped your order on time, we believe we may have inadvertently sent you a second Xbox 360 4 GB Console with Kinect. Because it was our error, we won't be billing you for the duplicate.

In the spirit of the season, you might consider donating it to the charity of your choice. Regardless of what you decide, if you have any questions, just call our Customer Support line at 1-877-696-7786, and one of our agents will be happy to help you.

Thanks for shopping at Microsoft Store, and we wish you the happiest of holidays.

h.t. je,de,pd,yr
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Re: How I got my 6 free Xbox's from Microsoft
« Reply #1 on: December 22, 2011, 02:38:03 AM »
How much do they regularly cost on Amazon?  How much from Microsoft?
If I order one, I can use the $100 gc towards my next one,  correct?

Maybe you should've done that instead of ordering the 2  orders at same time