Author Topic: {NEW} HOT! and other ways to get people to read your thread!!!!!!  (Read 403 times)

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I notice that different DDFers use different methods to make their threads stick out. Using those squiggly brackets {which I'm sure have an official name} sticks out pretty prominently, as does writing "HOT!" in the title (you're reading this, aren't you?) but there are other ways to make threads pop. Here are my thoughts, feel free to add your own.

Keep it short - long threads don't enter the subconscious when perusing titles, so a short name will pop out more
Keep it to the point - users will be hesitant to click on a thread that they are unsure what it talks about. Be specific and clear. There is a reason this forum has about 20 variations of "Chase A/A", because the original was not clear for public consumption.
Keep it classy and cute - but not at the expense of the above
Use proper grammar and consistent capitalization - this makes a huge difference
Post in previous threads instead of starting your own - many more DDFers see new replies, so posting in a long thread with a lot of responses gets you more exposure.

I'm sure there are many more tips. I'd love to hear them.

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Re: {NEW} HOT! and other ways to get people to read your thread!!!!!!
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